The Complete Greentree Suite

Greentree ERP General Ledger

General Ledger

Greentree’s General Ledger forms the core of your financial management system. Also included with the General Ledger is F.R.E.E. – Greentree’s add-in Financial Reporting Engine in Microsoft Office Excel®. It provides direct connectivity with Excel, facilitating a powerful range of reporting and formatting tools.

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  • Dynamic reporting structures
  • Flexible accounting structure
  • Account short codes
  • Budget management
  • Future and prior periods

Greentree ERP Software Cash Management

Cash Management

Good cash management is a vital component to the success of any business. It is critical that the Financial Controller is in a position to determine the company’s actual liquidity at any point in time and be able to forecast future cash flow based on good information and accurate data.

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  • Internet Enabled
  • Bank Account Management
  • Cash Analysis and Budgeting
  • Reconciliations

Greentree ERP Accounts Payable Software

Accounts Payable

Control and monitor where your money is going. This accounting and information resource helps you meet today’s varied business challenges. Easily track what is owed to your suppliers and what your forward cash commitments for outstanding invoices and purchase orders are.

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  • Track suppliers
  • Withhold Tax, PPS, GST and VAT
  • Easy payment selection
  • Fast data entry
  • Manage disputed transactions

Greentree ERP Software Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

In today’s busy business climate, time is critical. Nowhere is this more important than in your company’s Accounts Receivable department – the nerve centre of your accounting operations – where a good portion of the information that can make or break your business is stored.

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  • Manage overdue accounts easily
  • Automate recurring invoices
  • Sophisticated discount options
  • Detailed sales analysis
  • Easy collection via direct debits
  • PCI compliance for credit cards

Greentree ERP Software Fixed Assets Software

Fixed Assets

Managing assets, minimising tax and planning for future capital investments or disposals is made easy with Greentree’s Fixed Assets module. By knowing exactly where each of your assets are located and the exact value, you can more effectively plan your capital purchases and disposals.

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  • Fully integrated operation
  • Multiple depreciation methods
  • Online access to information
  • Forecasting facility
  • Asset groups

Greentree ERP Software Consolidations & Translations

Consolidations & Translations

Making sense of International Financial Reporting such as IFRS is a challenge and creates a large burden for many organisations. These challenges can be relieved with the streamlined Greentree consolidations process providing a transparent and collaborative approach to producing accurate group reporting.

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  • Multiple consolidation levels
  • Improve reporting accuracy
  • Eliminate conversion errors
  • Centrally managed, collaborative processes
  • Reduce the need for local accounting expertise

Greentree ERP System Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency

Greentree provides full multi-currency capabilities across all modules and is designed to cater for global trading. Greentree’s multi-currency facility supports foreign currency General Ledger accounts, international bank accounts, assets tracking in a foreign value, foreign currency customers and suppliers and transactions.

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  • Foreign currency General Ledger accounts
  • Manage international bank accounts
  • Track assets in foreign values
  • International price lists in customer currency
  • Calculate overseas prices during order or invoice entry

Greentree ERP Software eReporting


Save valuable time spent on repetitive administration tasks. Greentree’s eReporting automatically transmits invoices, statements, remittance advices, purchase orders and other business documents to staff, customers and suppliers via email, print or fax in a variety of formats including PDF and HTML.

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  • Save time, money, paper and postage
  • Tailor to each contacts needs
  • Automate remittances and statements
  • Automate processing and delivery of payslips
  • Easily customise reporting

Financial Reporting Engine in Excel - F.R.E.E.

Financial Reporting Engine in Excel (F.R.E.E.)

Use this tool to develop the financial reports that you really need. With live links to the information within your Greentree ERP System you can format, plan, and manipulate data for a wide variety of business uses and easily create dynamic financial reports, that reflect the current state of your business.

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  • Live links to the data within Greentree
  • Develop the reports you really need
  • Flexible budgeting tools
  • Analyse from many different dimensions – down to transactional level
  • Not just reporting – updating capabilities

Reports & Documents

Create, manage, share and track financial reports and other business documents from the one easily searchable, secure location. Get the right information, to the right person, at the right time. Accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile with a secure login you can manage who has access and editing rights on at individual report level.

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  • Multiple user access levels
  • Available anywhere with internet access
  • Share vital business information
  • Company-wide productivity improvements
  • Rapid deployment and implementation

Greentree ERP System Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Make accurate inventory forecasts, deliver powerful inventory analysis, efficiently manage warehouses, improve relationships with suppliers and customers and offer ebusiness. Eradicate costly mismatches between plan and reality and drive your customer service and profitability.

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  • Effective warehouse management
  • Mobile enabled
  • Easy barcode label management
  • Accurate order fulfilment
  • Efficient stock handling

Greentree ERP Sales & Delivery Software

Sales Order Processing

Quickly, efficiently and accurately process sales orders in real-time, accurately plan inventory purchasing, deliver real-time enquiry and reporting for improved decision making, streamline your workflow, reduce distribution costs and improve productivity.

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  • Seamlessly integrated for efficiency
  • Manage backorders with ease
  • Effective credit control
  • Flexible packing slips and invoices
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Greentree ERP Purchasing Software

Purchase Order Processing

Control, approve and monitor your organisations commitments to suppliers in real-time, accurately track your cash flow and reduce the potential for disputes. Reduce errors and streamline processes to make sure you can deliver on time, every time.

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  • Effectively track and manage inventory
  • Easily manage standing or repeat orders
  • Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Drop ship and back to back ordering

Greentree ERP Supply Chain Software

Supply Chain Management

Meet demanding lead times whilst lowering your inventory, improve control on requisition spending, achieve your optimum purchasing power, report to facilitate better decisions on purchasing strategies and improve your complete supply process, from request through to delivery.

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  • Lower your organisations inventory
  • Live financial, distribution and job cost updates
  • Enhanced control and increased visibility
  • Tighten spending controls
  • Internet enabled

Greentree ERP EDI Software


Elevate your business with with highly flexible and easy-to-use electronic trading software that brings you, your customers and suppliers closer than ever, resulting in fewer errors and billing and payment delays, and overall improved customer service levels.

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  • Eliminate data handling errors
  • Proactive customer relationship management
  • Total visibility fraud prevention
  • Future proofed business flexibility
  • Avoid noncompliance fees

Quality Control

Eliminate the costs associated with dissatisfied customers as Greentree’s Quality Control module automates all the necessary quality control processes. Schedule and manage the testing of assets, pre-define standards to ensure that faulty goods are never released and track products right through to customer by serial number.

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  • User-defined configuration
  • Trace by serial number, batch or user ID
  • Pre-define compliance standards
  • Workload View – live view of actions
  • Environmental and asset testing


A truly mobile option for your sales team to access your key sales data at all times, in one place, both historical and upcoming – from anywhere. Greentree4Sales connects your sales engine to your business engine in the most powerful way possible.

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  • Works on desktop, laptop or tablet
  • User-friendly workspace
  • Simple display of key data
  • Tailored to the way you work
  • Comprehensive functionality

Greentree Customer Relationship Management Contacts & Relationships

Contacts & Relationships

Effectively manage all your interactions internally and externally with customers, suppliers, competitors and prospects. From one screen access all the information you hold on an organisation or contact from communication shared to financial detail.

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  • Easy access to contact information and their relationships
  • Unlimited user defined fields and groupings
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Document management
  • Data and list management

Greentree Customer Relationship Management Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Effectively manage your complete sales cycle from the initial marketing or telephone campaign to lead tracking, opportunity management, quote creation through to sales order. A true end to end sales process including pipeline reporting.

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  • Streamlined sales cycle management
  • Quote management – fully integrated with Job Costing
  • Create invoices and accept payments with orders
  • Supports conceptual and composite products
  • Maintain data protection compliant

Greentree Customer Relationship Management Bookings Management

Bookings Management

A flexible, easy to use and efficient solution for organisations that require co-ordination of events or booking of resources. Its total integration with other Greentree modules enables Bookings Management to handle all aspects of bookings, including confirmation letters and invoicing where applicable.