Effortlessly add a whole new distribution channel and trade securely online all fully integrated with your Greentree ERP System.

Greentree’s WebStore module provides a flexible and secure solution to enable customers to browse illustrated product catalogues, check pricing and availability and enter orders – all fully integrated with your Greentree ERP System. Customers have real-time access to outstanding orders, their account status and transaction history plus access to any other information you may provide.

The functionality is completely user-definable and with the sample templates provided, can be tailored by professional web designers to reflect your organisation’s brand.

WebStore operates online with the Greentree Financial and Distribution modules, ensuring all information displayed is completely up to date, and that any orders can be fulfilled and you have the full sales picture right away.

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Content management

It’s as live as you can get, with all product information maintained dynamically through your Greentree system. A comprehensive library of WebStore page templates, style sheets and JavaScript’s is provided and can be tailored to your own brand style.

Online catalogue

The power of Greentree’s Inventory software gives you the flexibility you need with your store front, e.g. product images, multi-component kits, quantity price breaks and more. Inventory pricing changes and on-hand balances are immediately reflected on your WebStore. A fast load catalogue feature is available where large product volumes and more complex category structures are required.

WebStore favorites – regular customers can create their own catalogues of favourite products. Plug and play deployment means items selected for purchase from the Favorites catalogue are placed in the shopping cart in the normal manner, so there’s nothing to learn.

Flexible kitsets – parent items can be displayed within the WebStore catalogue enabling custom selection in terms of component items and the quantity of each. Substitute components are displayed for selection where available. Mandatory components are also ‘sealed in’ to prevent vital selection mistakes from occurring.

Quantity and date range sensitive pricing – directly integrated to the customer/product pricing matrix at all times, you can rest assured that the latest product prices are displayed in your online catalogue.

Rapidly locate inventory items in even the largest catalogues with powerful search tools.

Order processing

Customers select items for purchase and place these in a ‘shopping cart’ – as the order is completed it’s updated in Sales Orders. Greentree will inform the customer of the sales order reference and automatically process the order, print a packing slip and email confirmation to both the sales rep and the customer with no further user intervention.

Ease of use for customers

Empower customers to maintain their own details and view orders and account history. If your freight company has an internet based system, it may be possible to provide a direct link from the sales order enquiry to the delivery system. This will enable your customers to track the exact delivery status of their order once it leaves your warehouse.

Secure access

Your Greentree system is not exposed to the internet with WebStore, all information displayed is via HTML web pages and internet users cannot gain access. As well as public access, a security profile may be created for each of your customers, ensuring they only have access to their own account information. This in turn determines the pricing and discount information that is displayed. Multiple logins can be created for each customer, each with its own security profile.