Approvals & Alerts

Greentree’s Approvals & Alerts automates daily processes, highlights exceptions and monitors for problem situations.

Streamline your business processes, ensure critical transactions, documents and records are routed and approved by appropriate staff. Update customers, suppliers and business partners as events occur extending the reach of Greentree throughout and beyond your organisation.

Greentree Approvals & Alerts is a powerful tool but you don’t have to be an expert to set up rules – no coding is required and complex rules can be created using simple point and click selections.

Multi-level sequential, non-sequential and group approvals are all supported ensuring that documents and approvals are routed to the correct desktop or device in a timely manner. Almost any action or function can be set for approval and delegated as necessary when staff are away. Approvals can be carried out on mobile device’s by users out on the road.

Alerts ‘pop up’ as a user enters or saves information guiding them to correctly enter data or routed to other users for action. Support managers, for example, can be alerted when support calls are about to exceed an SLA, sales managers can be alerted when a sales quote is about to expire or a proposal deadline is imminent.

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Collections of items can be created and actioned, for example rather than getting one email for each invoice that is overdue, Greentree can create a collection once a day and then email you the list. Items can be added to collections when they meet criteria and are then instantly displayed on Workflow Desks for users to action.

Pervasive – available everywhere

Greentree Approvals & Alerts are inherent throughout Greentree, every form and function can have rules associated with it. You can rest assured that wherever you find you need to add a rule, alert, routing or approval it will be possible.

External notifications and updates

Greentree isn’t confined to your users and the office – it interacts with external people and applications.  Send notifications to users via text messages or emails and mobile staff can be brought into approval processes and delivered key information. Email customers when an order has been dispatched or suppliers when a purchase order has been approved and sent.

Scheduled and data driven rules

Approval and alert rules can be triggered as data is entered or imported, or as attachments are appended depending upon your business needs – for example a purchase invoice could only be routed for approval once a scanned image has been connected via Greentree AutoScan. Similarly it is possible to schedule rules so that they run at regular intervals – that way reports can be delivered to users at the time that they need them automatically.

Escalation and delegation

Approvers can nominate delegated users for when they are absent plus if approvals don’t occur within predetermined timescales the escalation engine will route the work to alternative people automatically.

Greentree Approvals & Alerts Engine