Financial Reporting Engine in Excel (F.R.E.E.)

Use Excel for live management reporting as well as creating budgets and transactions in Greentree.

Extend your use of Excel to format, plan, and manipulate the live data within Greentree for a wide variety of business uses and provide dynamic management information.

Download Financial Reporting Engine in Excel (F.R.E.E.) brochure
  • Live links to Greentree – you have the freedom to develop the reports that you really need, with live links to the data within Greentree. Effortlessly analyse and report on information and ensure the appropriate security is provided to protect sensitive information. You only need to create each report spreadsheet once then enter the period and year to report each month and Greentree takes care of the rest. Additionally, pivot table reports and charts can be easily generated within Excel, using the information available from Greentree.
  • Drill-down to Greentree from Excel – drill-down from Excel to verify your financial totals are accurate. This function launches a General Ledger enquiry form populated with the criteria used to present the totals in Excel so that you can view account balances as well as the transactions that make up these balances. From here you can then drill-down to the source transactions for the complete picture.
  • Harness the reporting power of ‘trees’– report on specific General Ledger accounts or grouped by tree branch from within your many user defined trees. This enables you to analyse the same information from many different dimensions down to transactional analysis level.
  • Flexible budgeting tools – budgets may also be presented within Excel and used in reports. All the modelling capabilities of Excel come into play, so budgets can be developed then automatically updated back to Greentree.
  • Updating capabilities – F.R.E.E. offers a wide range of updating capabilities for Greentree data, great value if you need to load information from, or integrate with, legacy systems that are not able to communicate with Greentree directly. If you have complex cost allocations or other information that needs to be tracked from within Excel, this saves operator time and the potential for human error. All data entered from F.R.E.E. can then be further updated within Greentree.
Greentree Financial Reporting Engine in Excel (F.R.E.E.)