Workflow & Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a key tool in driving exceptional business performance – ensure you have real-time key business information at your fingertips.

BPM works across your entire Greentree system, making it easy to reach into every area of your business from Purchasing, Sales, Accounts, HR, Inventory and more, without the need for complex and costly mapping between discrete systems.

  • Consistency, control and total transparency – clearly defined processes are built into automated steps so all parties are drawn in and communicated with at the right time.
  • Reduced fraud and theft risks – many easy built-in auditing controls, from discount monitoring, through to tracking changes in supplier bank account details.
  • Managed inconsistency – handles variations with ease, turning exceptions into opportunities to prioritise what’s important to your business.
  • Make intelligent decisions – total role-based visibility you need to start making effective informed decisions by knowing exactly what is happening in your business.
  • Simplify process management – automate decision making procedures and eliminate unnecessary staff involvement.
  • Maintain best practice – define company processes including people, data, rules and events for a transparent approach to business practice – resolve problems and deploy changes quickly.
  • Improve operational efficiencies – execute and prioritise work across your business, ensuring you stay flexible and proactive to gain critical competitive advantage.
Greentree Integrated ERP System
Halifax Vogel Group’s Stephen Dorrofield explains how Workflow works for them

Greentree Workflow Desktop Software

Workflow Desktop

Workflow Desktop allows you to create multiple ‘Desktop Views’ that provide immediate visibility of key business information across the system. Information may be selected, re-routed and ‘drilled into’ for immediate access to key data. Desktop Views can be created to suit user roles allowing staff to interact with data and make informed business decisions whilst carrying on with everyday tasks.

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  • Data updated in real-time
  • Advanced Workflow Management
  • Configurable Desktop Views
  • Drill into the information provided
  • 3D Live anticipates what you need

Greentree Approvals & Alerts

Approvals & Alerts

Greentree’s Approvals & Alerts engine automates daily processes, highlights exceptions and monitors for problem situations. Streamline your business processes, ensure critical transactions, documents and records are routed and approved by appropriate staff. No coding is required and complex rules can be created using simple point and click selections.

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  • System Alerts – unlimited rules
  • Approval Management
  • Flexible notification options – email, pop-up screen notices and SMS
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Escalations monitor by exception

Greentree Business Process Management (BPM Software)

Business Process Management (BPM Software)

Greentree BPM Software takes business process mapping, monitoring and management to a new level previously only seen in tier one applications. Automating tasks through Greentree BPM Software ensures that your organisation executes and prioritises work in the most effective way so you drive exceptional business performance, increase returns and eliminate business pain.

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  • Collaboration across departments
  • Proactive stakeholder communication
  • Eliminate human error
  • Total transparency
  • Maintain best practice

Screen Designer

Tailor screens at an organisational, team or individual level – without needing expert assistance – to empower users to work smarter and faster. Streamline the way your users and organisation operates, saving time and delivering the information you need instantly.

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  • Streamline processes
  • No special training
  • Consolidate information
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Design by user and device

Greentree AutoScanAutoScan

Become more efficient by accessing the right information in the right place at the right time. Automatically scan, attach, route, approve and store source documentation such as accounts payable invoices, proof of deliveries and customer orders, fully crossed referenced to the relevant record.

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  • Secure documents storage
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce storage and filing costs
  • Improve information sharing
  • Electronic approvals

Greentree Data Import ManagerData Import Manager

An intelligent interface tool that automates data imports from feeder systems with comprehensive error trapping, mapping of data, rules based routing whilst maintaining a full audit trail for improved productivity, accurate and consistent data.

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  • Flexible intelligent import capability
  • Improve productivity
  • Fail-safe data integration
  • Full audit trail with drill-down
  • Comprehensive error reporting


Save your business hours by streamlining the receiving, routing, coding and approving of paper transactions. Churn through a high volume of processing, in seconds. The OCR option enables you to automatically extract details from a PDF and copy it into Greentree without the need to be keyed.

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  • Slash processing time and paperwork
  • No-cost, remote, paperless approval
  • Far greater visibility
  • Easy expense management
  • Reduce your error rate