Purchase Order Processing Software

Control, approve and monitor your organisations commitments to suppliers whilst reducing errors and streamlining processes.

Simple and powerful Greentree’s Purchase Order Processing helps you control and manage purchases whether they are for services, stock, jobs or fixed assets; easily approve and track purchase order commitments and expected deliveries whilst managing your landed cost and GRNI accruals. Make sure you can deliver on time, every time.

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  • Complete integration – purchase orders can arrive into Greentree purchasing from approved requisitions, suggested purchase order reports, Job Cost purchase requests, MRP outputs or back to back sales orders. This level of integration reduces rekeying errors and speeds up processing whilst maintaining complete control of your spending. Inventory stock levels are maintained in real time as stock is received whilst good receiving are aware of what orders are due to arrive each day. Purchase invoices are matched to purchase orders in Accounts Payable carrying purchase order details over to the purchase invoice without the need to rekey information.
  • Fast data entry – quickly enter, copy existing or template purchase orders to create POs. Even if entering from scratch it’s a simple process; just select the supplier and enter the lines before sending the purchase order off for approval. Supplier prices are automatically defaulted for you taking into account currency, quantity breaks and date. Goods can be received quickly within stores and matched to outstanding purchase orders whilst purchase invoices are easy to enter or match to purchase orders/GRNs within Accounts Payable.
  • Save time with recurring orders – define once and automatically generate when required, for easy control over standing orders with suppliers.
  • Quickly track orders – enquiries are easy; simply locate an order and swiftly find all related transactions – invoices, requisitions, good receipts, landed costs and purchase invoices, even any linked sales orders. Quickly see deliveries due in today as well as those that are overdue and should be chased.
  • Landed cost – track containers and shipments with ease. Capture all landed costs against purchases and allocate costs such as freight, insurance and duties by quantity, financial value and volume to the inventory cost of an item. Receive containers into stock in one click and match purchase invoices to the landed cost estimates.
  • Electronically send POs – purchase orders can be automatically emailed, faxed or printed based on supplier settings
  • Manage commitments and accruals – as goods are received in Greentree goods received not invoiced accruals are created. These are reversed once purchase invoices are matched. Using Prerogative’s commitment accounting module you can also generate by budget holder with full actual, commitment vs budget reporting by area, department or budget head.
  • Drop ship and back to back ordering – goods can be sent directly to customers using our drop ship purchase order functions or purchase orders can be created and linked to sales orders either within sales order entry or purchase order entry if preferred. Linked orders can be automatically selected for picking when the goods arrive so fulfilling customer obligations.
  • Material requirements planning (MRP) – purchase ordering is fully integrated to MRP functions. Suggested purchase orders can be generated based on sales demand/forecasts taking into account existing purchase order, inventory levels and EOQs. In this way you can make sure goods turn up to meet production and customer demand.
  • Comprehensive supplier reporting – via the drill-down reporting, on screen enquiries, user specific desks and adhoc enquiry tools it is easy to find the information you need. Standard parameter driven reports provide the information you require to run your supplier business effectively.