Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials module allows you to define exactly what and how many parts, components or materials are required to complete a production run.

A critical component in the manufacturing process, Bill of Materials helps you create a manufacturing recipe with instructions about what to use, how long it will take, and how much it will cost in order to produce your product. Optionally it has an interdependent relationship with the MRP and Forecasting modules.

Download Bill of Materials Brochure

Manage complex product structures

Manage potentially thousands of materials or component parts which can be defined and organised into easily managed multi-level structures. Simply define each layer of design and material whilst Greentree takes care of complex time and materials calculations in the background. If you prefer to work in Excel then simply upload your file using Greentree F.R.E.E.

With no rigid Bill of Material structures your production team have the freedom to include additional materials or replace with alternatives during manufacture ensuring production completion in the most time and cost effective way. Radically reduce wastage and optimise your production efficiency with the power to set batch sizes to match your production run.

Using fixed and variable cost structures, you have the power to account for costs that are not dependent on quantities e.g. set-up or clean-down time. Use phantom Bill of Materials to build non-stocked sub-assemblies, allowing a single point of management for common structures that apply across multiple products.

Initiating a factory order is straightforward with all options automatically defaulted. Override the destination location for the finished goods, the location to select materials from, as well as whether to commit or backflush materials for the production run if required. Factory orders can also be adjusted to reflect rejects and to return un-committed or write-off materials not used in the manufacturing process. Factory orders can include unlimited production notes to assist shop floor staff with set-up instructions.

Financial visibility using cost roll-up

Discover the true total cost of producing products or services using cost roll-up which automatically updates the manufactured costs. Get to grips with your product component costs with the ability to drill-down to the smallest level.

Graphical representation

Make use of graphical representation to add shape and flow to what could otherwise be a seemingly complex Bill of Materials structure.

Enquiries and reporting

Empower managers and planners to make fully informed decisions with the wide range of flexible enquiries and reports. Reports include identifying which specific raw materials are used in finished goods, detailed cost analysis of work-in-progress issue and receipt transactions, through to final cost variances. These reports provide up-to-date information for both production and management personnel.

Control resource and labour costs

Control labour and other resource costs by means of a straightforward mechanism.