eBusiness Solutions

Flexible eBusiness solutions designed to give customers, suppliers and staff the control and levels of service and information access they expect.

By removing the redundant human elements, you can dramatically reduce your costs as well as eradicate mistakes that could have a high business cost and can damage your relationships.

Empower your customers to have access to what they want, when they want it. Allow them to see for themselves how your pricing and specifications measure up. Make it easy for them to place their order with no hassle, no queues, voicemail or human error.

Suppliers too can streamline their business processes when they can reach into your systems and monitor inventory levels for you, initiating requisitions, dealing with delivery problems or making payment enquiries for themselves.

Staff that are in control of their own HR records, leave applications and can see approval requests getting processed faster than ever are more motivated and committed to your success.

Greentree Integrated ERP System

Greentree eBusiness Webstore Software


Effortlessly add a whole new distribution channel and sell securely online. Enable customers to browse illustrated product catalogues, check pricing and availability and enter orders – all fully integrated with your Greentree ERP System. Customers have real-time access to outstanding orders, their account status and transaction history.

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  • Flexible connectivity
  • Online stock catalogue
  • Easy to maintain favourites
  • Flexible kitsets
  • Ease of use for customers

Greentree eCRM Module


Provide web access ‘self-service’ for an unlimited number of users, customers or suppliers who need to access and manage customer relationship data with Greentree’s eCRM module, ideal for geographically dispersed organisations. Lift sales performance by extensively using eCRM within Account Management and Sales teams.

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  • Drastically reduce administration costs
  • Customer and supplier self-service
  • Extensive data capture
  • Daily summary of tasks for that day
  • Customisable aging analysis

Greentree eService CRM Online Service Portal Software


Give your customers access to online self-service information systems; provide real-time access so users can log their own support requests, monitor the current status of calls, issues and other information. Greentree’s eService module is an easy-to-use system for customers and staff to interact with your business online.

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  • ‘Out of the box’ functionality
  • Self-service Management
  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • Greatly improve issue resolution times

Greentree’s eRequisitions suite


Proactively help your customers identify inventory shortages and rapidly respond to demand. Greentree’s eRequisitions suite provides immediate web access for purchasing, approval, pricing, delivery and availability. Your team can get the right outcome at the best possible price for your customers anywhere, anytime

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  • Proactive inventory management
  • Empower suppliers to raise requisitions
  • Attach any number of supporting documents
  • Monitor status and search inventory

Greentree eTimesheets


Greentree’s eTimesheet module allows employees to submit their time and expenses on the move, via a web browser on any mobile device. Organisations can ensure that invoices are issued promptly, billing disputes are minimised and that management have a powerful tool for employee time and expense analysis and approval.

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  • Easy to use – simple to follow forms
  • Track employee productivity
  • Each time/expense entry is seamlessly reflected on the job
  • Payroll integration
  • Approvers can identify missing timesheets

Greentree eApprovals


eApprovals is the online version of Greentree’s Approvals & Alerts module and gives users the information and tools they need to process approvals in real-time from anywhere, to keep your business moving. Streamline the management of multiple locations and remote workers in today’s fast-paced world.

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  • Process approvals in real-time, from anywhere
  • Make informed decisions faster
  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Tailor approval rules to your needs
  • View approval history

Greentree eHR - Online access to HR information


eHR is an employee self-service portal that allows staff to access and proactively manage their own HR records and leave requests in Greentree via the internet. eHR is the route to ensuring your HR management spends less time on HR administration like leave approvals and more time making a contribution to your business goals.

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  • Online access to HR information
  • Employee and management remote access
  • Leave requests and approvals
  • Record Occupational Health and Safety incidents
  • Easy access for payroll review

Greentree ERP Software WebView Reporting


Webview is an online workflow management software tool that encourages communication and collaboration. Vital business information is accessible, for permitted users, on the move, so you can view and manage your business with absolute confidence.

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  • Full web access to all the information available in Greentree
  • Facilitates proactive management
  • Eradicate time-wasting data searches
  • Granular access controls
  • Total visibility with fully tailorable views

Greentree ERP Software eReporting


Greentree eReporting provides the ability to automatically send reports and business documents to staff, customers and suppliers via email or fax saving valuable time on repetitive yet essential administration tasks and reducing costs.

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  • Save time, money, paper and postage
  • Tailor to each contacts needs
  • Automate remittances and statements
  • Automate processing and delivery of payslips
  • Easily customise reporting