Payroll Software

Greentree’s Payroll Software delivers reliability and a fully streamlined payroll process, complying with UK regulations.

Greentree Payroll Software extends its capability beyond reliable pay calculation and delivers reports and breakdowns on payroll cost, human resource attributes and overall organisational capability.

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Easy payroll processing

Automatically calculate pays from the contract, templates and transaction types defined for each person. Greentree Payroll caters for many forms of remuneration, and split payments (cash, cheque or BACS accounts). Manual payments can be easily processed and tracked for post-processing adjustments and termination payments. Reduce payroll processing time with templates that can be applied to individual employee records. Simple to establish, they automatically calculate relevant PAYE and National Insurance, together with other employee deductions and employer contributions, such as Medical Insurance, Pension, Union Fees or any other repetitive items.

Comprehensive employee record management

Use templates to quickly and simply manage employee records. Attach documentation such as CVs, accreditations or sick-leave certificates, so you always have a complete picture.

Pay summaries, statutory and management reporting

In addition to the extensive library of reports, that can be tailor-made for your needs, Pay Summaries are a unique feature to Greentree. Unlimited user definable categories and summaries can be created and used to analyse your payroll data further. Manage regulatory and management reporting with ready-to-use templates.

Leave processing

Manage and report on all forms of accrued leave, including annual leave, sick or long service leave, bereavement or special leave and public holidays. Each leave type has user definable rules to determine how much leave accrues and how often. Define rules for leave at a global, contract, group or individual level, to meet your business requirements. Greentree provides a unique reporting and tracking of each leave type; produce full statements for entire work history, so the current leave balance can be fully audited and verified by both the employer and the employee.

Full integration

Greentree Payroll can be used standalone but integrates fully for further efficiencies. Link with the Financial Management suite and pay costings can be charged to any General Ledger account, either in detail for a high level of information, or in summary for confidentiality. When the Greentree Job Costing module is in use, payroll costs can be directly charged to jobs using either actual or standard costing with optional overhead recovery.


Whether pay is governed by an industry or enterprise contract, a Collective Bargaining Agreement, or an individual contract, the maintenance of pay rates is a simple process. Each contract can have unlimited classifications and pay rates and can be applied to multiple people. Contract rate changes have effective dates allowing changes to be setup in advance. Alternatively, an individual rate or amount can be applied to each person.

Function and data security

Payroll information is one of the most sensitive sets of data collected by any organisation. Protect your sensitive data with this powerful and highly flexible security structure. You can set security access not only to functions but also right down to individual employee data. For example, executive employee records can be secured to a higher level than general employee records. These security restrictions are also respected in all reports.

UK Payroll Auto Enrolment

Greentree is fully compliant with UK Government’s requirements for employers to automatically enrol workers into a qualifying pension scheme, based upon the employee’s age and qualifying earnings. It provides all the tools you need to assess an employee and then report against their Pension Fund status. The Pension Fund Enrolment Report provides details of employees who are being enrolled for sending to the Pension Fund and can be customised to include additional data required by different funds.