Greentree Primed4U

With Greentree Primed4U software deployment strategy you always have access to the latest software at low cost and minimal impact; to match latest business practice and technology.

Rather than annual enhancement upgrade and periodic ‘fix’ releases with a whole host of issues you apply updates and changes to standard and custom software solutions according to a schedule that suits you, causing you minimal business impact.

No other software supplier in Greentree’s market space offers or supports this strategy. No other vendor offers a single point upgrade capability, combining standard product enhancements working cohesively with customisations.

With Primed4U, the ongoing cost of enhancing and maintaining your critical business software is dramatically lowered, and you are provided with the latest and greatest tools for competitive advantage and business growth. Best of all: the decision on when to apply updates is entirely up to you.

Simple, automated updates

Once a customer’s Greentree system has been implemented, the Greentree Primed4U platform can be deployed. To overcome the challenge of multiple updates being applied via different methods to customer systems, we have designed and developed a unique package release process that supports use by many developers, applying updates to a single customer’s system without conflict.

This low-cost approach to the deployment of software offers considerable advantages – both in speed and frequency of deployment of new software versions, as well as stability of product and platform. Greentree’s entire design is geared towards quick and simple updates: one process is applied to all the technology in the system.

Better managed customisation

The unique relationship between Greentree International, Prerogative and all other VADs means that not only are Greentree customers at the leading edge of technological development; they also contribute strongly to that process. More than 60% of Greentree Internationals development work is customer-driven, as customers seek to address their business needs the result is the benefits are passed on to other customers. Greentree’s standard software can be further enhanced  as the development framework allows us to build custom functionality as discrete add-on components and apply these easily to a standard Greentree environment.

Updates are applied seamlessly to all users

Every user has different habits – Greentree’s Connection Manager ensures that individual users are updated, whenever they happen to be logged into the system. Each time a user connects to Greentree, the connection manager performs a check and refreshes user files from the server if they are out of date. This minimises the requirement for support when new users are added to the network, and offers the security of knowing all users are using the most up-to-date version of the software. Administration is simplified because server settings and files are all maintained in one place.

As each Greentree change is released, we provide detailed release notes, which automatically update the Greentree Online Help system. Customers are advised of changes applied to their system immediately they log in, and can go directly to the detail of changes or review these at a later time within the online help. This information can be viewed by release as well as functional area.

Our testing programme ensures a comprehensive and consistent updating regime, with continual monitoring and review processes.