EDI Software (Electronic Data Interchange)

Greentree EDI Software enables you to elevate your business with electronic trading to bring you, your customers and suppliers closer than ever, resulting in fewer errors, billing and payment delays, and overall improved service levels.

There is a growing trend to require business partners to trade via an EDI software to increase process efficiencies and remove delays, errors and communication breakdowns. Organisations that fail to meet this criteria will at the very least be charged high fees for noncompliance, lose priority or preferred supplier status and may well lose the relationship altogether.

Greentree’s EDI software allows you to meet electronic trading demands with highly flexible and easy-to-use software, managing your trading relationships automatically and transparently. Unlike third-party offerings, Greentree’s EDI system is totally integrated delivering speed, a collapsed supply chain and elimination of errors.

In the field of supply chain logistics, an order will usually remain unchanged as it passes from requisition to order, packing, shipping and invoicing. Unless those phases are linked by an EDI system, work will be duplicated and errors can be made unnecessarily as orders and invoices are re-keyed. Greentree’s EDI software allows data to be entered once by the initiator. From there it flows effortlessly and instantaneously through connected systems according to established business rules. Staff are freed from needless re-keying offering significant opportunities to improve workflow management and ultimately improve business productivity.

On a day-to-day basis, your staff make critical decisions about key business relationships. Be sure they are armed with instant access to accurate information needed to prioritise one customer’s needs over another or to understand the credit control implications of allowing business to proceed. Greentree EDI software will empower your staff and optimise your most profitable relationships.

Built in validation rules and the ability to pro-actively manage backorder situations and delivery schedules make it easy to identify and optimise priority customers. Automated communications such as advance shipping notices and out of stock notifications free staff to focus on developing enhanced business relationships with high value customers.

The improved accuracy afforded by avoiding re-keying while ensuring built in validation rules are applied, creates an environment of increased confidence and trust between business partners; bringing you closer than ever to your customers and suppliers.

Greentree’s EDI software meets most core business needs, and different legislative and functional requirements can all be accommodated easily. Greentree’s EDI can integrate with many other EDI services. Once the initial setup is complete, power is transferred to you, with the flexibility to alter templates to accommodate changes in partner systems; in effect future proofing your investment.

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  • Reduce the costs of business relationships – avoid noncompliance fees and reduce labour costs
  • Eliminate data handling errors and improve productivity
  • Proactive customer relationship management – validation rules and the ability to pro-actively manage backorders and delivery schedules make it easy to identify and optimise priority customers
  • Share documents with confidence – increase confidence and trust between business partners
  • Total visibility for fraud prevention
  • Powerful document mapping – quickly and easily map and translate partner document types to Greentree documents
  • Pre-built business document templates – for use across a wide range of industries
  • Familiar, easy-to-use interface – a clear, intuitive web interface consistent across the entire Greentree ERP suite