Greentree Cloud Hosted Deployment

Greentree ERP Software in the cloud – the same high performing solution with the greatest flexibility as to how it is configured, deployed, updated and managed.

You are charged a monthly fee for a server and internet access. The server(s) are based at our tier 3 Data Centres (Cardiff, Milton Keynes or Docklands) and you access the system from wherever you are based.

Systems generally are hosted with a ‘service pack’  which ensures that data back ups are scheduled and all Microsoft updates are applied. Service packs and monthly hosting charges vary depending on the service you require.

  • Access from anywhere – high-performance cloud hosting will maximise your Greentree experience on extremely efficient, proven network bandwidth systems.
  • The greatest possible flexibility – as to how your ERP System is configured, deployed, updated and managed.
  • Configuration – the same personalisation options are delivered no matter where your software is hosted and any configurations are fully transferable. There is no need for you to compromise how you operate your business – in fact in many cases Greentree in the Cloud gives you even more options.
  • No physical infrastructure required – reliable, real-time, on demand cloud platforms, not limited to the physical constraints/capacity of one server.
Please note: you don’t require cloud hosting or SaaS to have mobile access to Greentree. You can access information from your Greentree system at any time – no matter how it’s deployed as long as you have internet access.