Cash Management Software

Determine your organisations liquidity at any point, in real-time, and forecast future cash flow accurately.

Cash Management helps you reconcile your cash position, enter bank transactions, analyse current liquidity and forecast future cash positions, even if your company is working in multiple markets on an international level.

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  • Bank account management – manage both local and foreign currency accounts. Real-time integration with Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable ensures that payments and receipts are immediately shown in account balances. Quickly assess your financial position in each account or as a total.
  • Manual and automatic reconciliations – reconcile bank accounts with ease. The manual process is user friendly and minimises effort. Enter bank transactions on the fly or during the reconciliation process. Automatically reconcile transactions using the electronic interface that pulls in and reconciles bank statements from the bank for significant time-savings.
  • Cash analysis and budgeting – expense and income analysis codes are set up to analyse cash transactions and group them together for reporting and budgeting purposes. Reports provide valuable information for historical review of your cash position as well as for analysis and cash flow reporting. Cash budgets can be created at analysis code level for each bank account and actual versus budget reporting carried out.
  • Reporting – via the drill-down reporting, on screen enquiries, user specific desks and ad-hoc enquiry tools it is easy to find the information you need. Standard parameter driven reports provide the information you require. The Bank Reconciliation report provides you with a comprehensive history of your cash position and reconciliations.