SaaS Solutions & Cloud Based Software

SaaS licensing and delivery offers all the full functionality of Greentree software, combined with a hosting, maintenance, security, backup and upgrade service.

All the benefits of the Greentree ERP Software without requiring an enterprise-sized IT budget. Simply ‘pay-as-you-go’ with software hosting and services bundled into the monthly fee. GaaS (Greentree as a Service) is Greentree’s SaaS solution.

  • Rapid, easy installation – free yourself from managing hardware and maintaining software, and the associated costs. Get started without delay – no need to wait to get any IT infrastructure or resources in place.

  • Only pay for what you need – your monthly subscription is based on the number of users and the software they need on an individual basis.
  • Greentree Secure back up – and data recovery included with point-in-time recovery
  • Upgrade when you want to – increase or decrease your user count and adjust the software each user has access to, without penalty. Resource up (or down) as your business changes; shift from SaaS to on-premise or cloud hosting should you require.
  • Your own database – sits in its very own highly secure environment in the cloud – just as if it were sitting on your own server.
  • Completely configurable – customise and configure to the same level of sophistication that you get with the on-premise product, including apps and APIs.
  • Upgrades included – upgrade provisioning is included in your SaaS package
  • Sandbox environment – test new functionality before deploying
Please note: you don’t require cloud hosting or SaaS to have mobile access to Greentree. You can access information from your Greentree system at any time – no matter how it’s deployed as long as you have internet access.