The world’s getting smaller as the challenges facing Not for Profits in international development get bigger… overcome them with our charity accounting software

Avoiding sanctioned states, volatile regions and proscribed organisations in the post-9/11 world. Deciding how best to reach those you want to help – from subsidiaries to affiliates and partners to local faith groups. Protecting against the risk of conflicts of interest, fraud or money laundering. Meeting your governance, legislative, transparency and reserves obligations. And achieving all that across borders, languages, currencies and time zones…

We’ll help you minimise costs, waste and administrative burdens so you can maximise the help you give others

From financial, governance and risk management to meeting your obligations with ease, we know the challenges you face and how to overcome them – with Greentree’s unique, tried and tested software.

High performance tools power up the success of your overseas projects

We’ve revolutionised the way many organisations like yours operate – our integrated tools help them strengthen financial management; streamline and simplify operations; meet legal, governance and transparency obligations efficiently; communicate more effectively internally and externally; slash waste, timelines and costs; drive excellence and improve outcomes.

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  • Cut confusion for complete fingertip control – Ditch stand-alone and manual systems. Eliminate paperwork, repetition, duplication, error and waste. Integrate everything to streamline and simplify each process and procedure. Optimise time and minimise errors with built-in alerts.

  • Allocation and accounting tools that add up – Track multiple currencies and cut out administrative burdens to ensure that every penny is accounted for and every process is smooth and efficient. The result? Less cost and time wasted, more money going where you’re working. Boost the quality of your financial management, forecasting, budgeting and reporting.

  • Data driven decision-making – Get timely, accurate, single source data that you can easily access, analyse and action. Too much information’s as bad as too little. So get the right data, in the right format, at the right time.

  • Project management perfected – Manage and progress your projects effectively and efficiently – wherever you’re working in the world. Give everyone a complete picture of every job and budget – from in house staff to field workers and funders. Even when remote and off-line, work in Excel and simply upload to Greentree as soon as connected. And remember, better communications equals better outcomes, relationships with funders and money raising potential.

  • Benefit communities across boundaries – Operate consistently whatever country you’re working in. Our multi-currency functionality means you can transact in any currency and easily manage exchange rate tables.

  • Compliance with complete peace of mind – From funders to tax and government offices (including SORP and SOFA), benefit from transparent finances. Meet your compliance, governance and legal obligations with ease and confidence.

  • As flexible as your organisation is – Choose a long-term scalable, future-proof and tailored solution, not a short-term fix. Ours will evolve as your organisation does for maximum ROI.

One single system – smooth, seamless, streamlined, silo-free and simple for the ultimate in information flow

World-renowned software for international development charities

Greentree has over three decades of experience working with the charity and NFP sector.

Pick a winner to help your organisation win

Our charity accounting software puts all you need, all in one place, to give you unparalleled control and visibility. Just one of the reasons the Prerogative team has been awarded the title of Greentree ERP System Reseller of the Year, every year, since 2008.

Proven to deliver, for your peace of mind

We’re committed to the success of your sector and your organisation. We truly understand the challenges you face. That’s why an impressive 90% of our customers would recommend us to others under the globally-recognised Net Promoter Score index.

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Greentree’s Excel integration provided the perfect solution for this UK charity when its funding livelihood became increasingly entangled in a spreadsheet web.

CORD is a registered UK charity focused on peace building work in some of the world’s most hostile environments and helps people to meet their needs and realise their rights by developing their skills, knowledge, confidence and awareness. Struggling to manage £3m of funding on spreadsheets had effectively created a hostile environment of the electronic kind. Greentree’s Excel integration and reporting ensured it could make sense of CORD’s spreadsheet business and reporting requirements.

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This eBook covers some of the most common business management issues not-for-profits face from using time well, engaging, recruiting and retaining more funders and donors in a highly competitive market, eradicating poor communication through to managing constant change. What could good ERP software do for your organisation? Increasing efficiency could really benefit your organisation – manage your costs and grow your income, while accounting for every penny of funding and expenditure to really make a difference.

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Concern Universal is an international development charity dedicated to eradicating global poverty and inequality, that now has live visibility of its aid projects across the globe and better database management across multiple currencies.

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“Greentree enables us to access organisational information and meet our compliance obligations, faster and more efficiently than we ever have before. Without it, we simply couldn’t attract, manage or retain the level of donor funding we have today.”

Kerry Bosworth, Finance Director, Cord UK