eTimesheets Software

Submit and approve time and expenses on the move, on any mobile device.

Use eTimesheets to record and manage all of your employee expenses. Ensure that invoices are issued promptly, billing disputes are minimised and that you have a powerful tool for employee time and expense approval and analysis.

Users simply enter their time and expenses via a web browser using easy to follow forms. A web navigation bar guides them with self-explanatory icons and links. For each expense you can record all relevant information such as quantity, tax, and description, attribute the expense to a particular project or job, or allocate to the relevant General Ledger account for non-customer related expenses.

Whilst commonly used in conjunction with Greentree’s Job Cost module, it can be used for employee expenses on its own. eTimesheets integrates with all other relevant Greentree modules, such as Customer Service, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Inventory and General Ledger. Employees can receive reimbursement for their expenses from either Accounts Payable or Payroll. Optionally, hours from eTimesheets can flow through to Payroll for payment of both normal and overtime hours.

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  • Summary statistics – keep track of employee productivity; chargeable, productive and non-productive time for a period, as well as daily breakdowns, leave hours and a target versus actual charge ratio is available
  • Document management – attach documents to each expense claim, such as scanned receipts or PDF documents. Employees can work remotely and submit their expenses promptly, maintaining strict controls over claims. Documents are stored and can be retrieved at any time.
  • Online approvals – project or account managers can approve or reject time and expense sheets whilst away from the office. Delays in approvals are as damaging to an organisation’s cash flow as those that are late, so having this functionality eliminates a potential invoicing issue. To streamline the process further, the manager may enter a narrative to explain the reason for the rejected sheet, ensuring that communication breakdowns do not extend this process unnecessarily.
  • Universal connectivity – built using industry standard Web Services Technology the web services engine acts as a conduit between the Greentree business application and the web application, making it universally compatible with internet enabled hardware or software.
    The protocol used for this communication is XML, the modern standard for cross-platform interconnectivity.
  • Customisable look and function – implement simply and quickly; to personalise for your organisation, logos and other images can be easily added. Even the functionality of the web pages can be altered as required.
  • Identify missing timesheets – approvers can identify missing timesheets based on a selected date range, only employees on the approver’s list and various other criteria and then email employees to advise them. This ensures all due timesheets can be accounted for to facilitate the approval process.
  • Bulk approval – authorised approvers can select to view a list of timesheets awaiting their approval and approve selected timesheets in bulk. This saves time for managers who want to expedite the period-end reporting functions
  • Manage Per Diems – employees can claim their daily travel allowances through eTimesheets expense lines. By selecting the destination and date of travel, they can select the applicable expenses from the options presented, according to their remuneration level.