Automatically send reports and business documents to staff, customers and suppliers via email or fax saving valuable time on repetitive yet essential administration tasks.

Greentree eReporting provides automatic formatting, processing and delivery of business documents, including account receivable invoices and statements, accounts payable remittances, purchase orders and employee payslips.

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  • Vital functions at your fingertips – automatically transmit invoices, statements, remittance advices and purchase orders to customers and suppliers via email, fax, or post. Each user has a variety of report formats to choose from such as Adobe® PDF, HTML, JPG and PNG based on their requirement.
  • Save time and money – consider the cost of postage, stationery as well as staff time currently spent preparing your monthly mailings. Reduce these costs and staff time can be allocated to better servicing your customers.
  • Tailored to your needs – delivery is determined by the format defined for each contact. Each delivery method can be assigned its own document layout providing you with the flexibility to design the best looking layout per document.
  • Save time with automatic remittances and statements – dramatically reduce the time spent manually processing reports and business documents. Each individual trading partner can nominate which method they would prefer to receive their invoice, statement or remittance advice by and the required details are entered against each document type. When running the print process, each document is processed as required, such as email, print or fax queue for distribution.
  • Customised reporting – any documents can be tailored to suit you and your trading partners business requirements providing flexibility to ensure that information provided is clear and specific.
  • Email preferences – to save time and to maintain company standards, system wide email preferences can be specified. Email preferences include mail server address, client name, reply email address, username and password and also the default report format.
  • Faxing preferences – faxes can be sent with a cover page outlining the sender’s and receiver’s details, the number of pages sent and relevant comments. When faxes are sent these details are automatically filled in and the cover page is sent with the report.