Accounts Payable Software

Control and monitor where your organisations money is going, to better control your growth.

Accounts Payable helps you meet varied business challenges; easily track what is owed to your suppliers and your forward cash commitments for outstanding invoices and purchase orders.

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  • Quickly track suppliers – locate a supplier by any known information so finding and responding to enquires is faster. With one click you can view all supplier transactions, let a supplier know where their invoice is in the approval process, when it will be paid or drill-down to a scanned image to answer any queries.
  • Supplier Trading Relationships – manage cash commitments by setting up your supplier trading relationships accurately and avoid costly late-payment penalties.
  • Tax compliance – VAT is fully catered for and all relevant details may be entered against suppliers. To manage your CIS requirements deductions are automatically made from payments to suppliers and may be reported using the relevant tax authority standards.
  • Easy payment selection – Greentree can take the work away from payment runs by suggesting to you which invoices are paid, select invoices for payment in bulk and manage exceptions easily. Payments can be automatically processed and cheques, remittance advices and/or a BACS payment can be made online to major banks. Alternatively you can enter manual payments at any time and a cheque and/or remittance advice sent directly from the system as required.
  • Electronically send purchase orders & remittance advices – no need to manually email outputs to suppliers, outputs can be automatically emailed, faxed or printed based on supplier settings.
  • Fast data entry – Purchase invoices are easy to enter or match to purchase orders/GRNs. A default General Ledger expense account maybe defined against each supplier, which is displayed during data entry, ensuring recurring invoices are coded to the correct account and saves manually checking which account should be used. Invoices may be placed on ‘hold’ as soon as they are received and released for payment as your approval process is completed. Invoices in dispute may also be held and reported separately on your suppliers aged balance report.
  • Scanning & OCR of invoices – you can save time and improve accuracy by scanning in invoices with Greentree’s cost effective document management functions.
  • Manage disputed transactions – Managing the receipt, processing and payment of supplier invoices is an important part of building business relationships. Suppliers need to be aware of invoices that have been received, but not yet paid – and you need to know what your future cash flow requirements will be. You can part dispute invoices or invoice lines placing only part of the invoice on payment hold.
  • Save time with recurring invoices – define once and automatically generate when required, for easy control of areas such as rental charges or maintenance invoices.
  • Self Billing invoices – for industries where the value of the supply is established by the recipient rather than by the supplier – supplier invoices can be printed and sent to the supplier. Print directly from invoice entry and supplier specific invoice formats can be specified.
  • Eliminate errors with bank account validation – full flexibility for defining bank account formats by country, for the purpose of validating bank account numbers at the time of entry, for suppliers paid by BACS and customers who use direct debit.
  • Contra Accounting – you can match supplier and customer transactions together and then chase or make payment as appropriate. There is no need to net transactions in the General Ledger.
  • Real time integration – ensure a real time view of your purchasing activity. As transactions are entered other relevant Greentree modules are updated. The General Ledger and Cash Management modules are kept up to date, as is the Fixed Asset module where relevant. Supplier accounts are integrated to CRM organisations/contacts so buyers can manage supplier accounts using Greentree CRM functionality.
  • Comprehensive Supplier Reporting – via the drill-down reporting, on screen enquiries, user specific desks and ad-hoc enquiry tools it is easy to find the information you need. Standard parameter driven reports provide the information you require to run your supplier business effectively.