Proactively identify inventory shortages and rapidly respond to demand.

Greentree’s eRequisitions is available anywhere you have internet access with a live link directly to your Greentree ERP System. Provide immediate access for purchasing, approval, pricing, delivery and availability so you can ensure the right outcome for your customers whilst maintaining profitability within your business.

In many industries the need to meet service requirements urgently is critical. Being able to order supplies, inventory or a replacement part quickly, can make the difference between operations continuing or halting. If you are responsible for providing the parts and service, a break in operations could seriously damage your relationship with that customer and your reputation. Customers expect accurate information and instant service.

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Maximise your productivity

View inventory levels, requisition inventory, track requisition status, approve requisitions, purchase orders and even accounts payable invoices – this wide-ranging and highly visible level of control reaches across the organisation encouraging collaboration, reducing duplication of effort, errors and time-wasting and maximising process efficiencies.

Requests that are taken in the field and not entered immediately will need to be rekeyed later. Not only does this create delays and duplication of effort, it opens the opportunity for error and the possibility of inventory unavailability; all of which negatively affect productivity and customer service. Urgent requirements can be satisfied by generating a Purchase Order directly from a requisition.

Tightly managed purchasing and supply processes

Visibility of all purchasing and supply requirements with single or multi-level approval processes ensures requisitions or purchase orders are raised on the correct suppliers at the best possible price to capture sales or get jobs completed on time.

Proactive inventory management

Source inventory, arrange drop shipping and split orders depending on storage locations to maximise speed and minimise cost of delivery. Orders can also be stepped through suppliers to ensure the best price and optimal delivery lead time, minimising the chance of of lost sales or disruptive delays to your customers.

Improve customer relationships

Instant access to live information about inventory availability, allows customers to place orders on location and to view and report on the status of the order as it changes. All of which mean your customer get the best service possible.

Enable stakeholder participation

In some situations it’s preferable to give your suppliers access to your system so that they can participate in inventory management. For example, allowing suppliers to place a requisition for inventory items on your behalf based on their knowledge of production and delivery lead times. Tiered access control means you can grant access to specific users right down to the level of specific inventory items; bringing you closer than ever to your trading partners.

  • Familiar interface – intuitive web interface consistent across the entire Greentree ‘e’ business suite
  • Universal access – control what each user can access through highly granular access controls
  • Create a consistent, branded experience for your staff – with flexible control over the visibility of appropriate options and information
  • Single or multi-level approval structures – enable authorised remote users to approve requisitions, purchase orders and AP invoices directly. Supports centralised back office approval for group wide purchase decisions
  • Total visibility – enquire and review requisitions through permissions based enquiries and tailorable reports
  • Highly flexible search function – search for requisitions based on a wide range of criteria
  • Rapid deployment and implementation – automated, simple deployment out of the box with straightforward creation of user profiles and permissions
  • Supplier replenishment – provide suppliers, secured access to inventory information plus the ability to generate requisitions for items they suggest require replenishment.
  • Attachments – attach any number of supporting documents to each requisition line item