Inventory management software

Greentree ­­inventory management software delivers correct stock levels minimising inventory values whilst not running out of goods.

Greentree ­­inventory management software is fully integrated with all other relevant modules, including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales and Purchase Orders, Manufacturing, Job Costing, Requisitions and WebView. Drill-down and across modules to view details as you need them with the ability to drill-down in a report to the underlying data.

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  • Stock levels – Inventory Management helps you in a pressured operational environment to meet demanding lead times whilst maintaining optimal inventory levels. Every level of employee has relevant inventory information when they need it and is effectively empowered to make the right decisions.
  • Multi-location stock – manage stock over various physical and virtual locations including van stock if required.
  • Manage complex supplier and customer pricing with ease – prices can be maintained by currency, location, date, quantity, customer group(s), inventory group(s) or any combination. Price lists can easily be maintained in Excel using Greentree FREE. Supplier prices can also be maintained by currency, location, quantity and include supplier part numbers and lead times by shipping method. This standard pricing functionality coupled with Greentree’s advanced pricing capabilities such as BOGOFs makes almost every price combination possible.
  • Powerful serial and lot number tracking functionality – lots and serial numbers can be automated, numeric or alphanumeric and variable in length. Users can easily view the full history of a serial or lot tracked part including expiry dates and warranties (customer and supplier) via the serial/lot enquiries and track both items history and current location.
  • Unit of measure (UOM) capabilities – items can be purchased, stocked and sold in different base UOMs whilst allowing specific conversions per stock code by UOM. Whilst one item may have 12 items in a ‘box’ UOM another item may only contain 10 items in a ‘box.’
  • Painless stock takes with flexible, easy to manage processes – comprehensive options allow item counts by various criteria. Multiple item counts can be set up based on any frequency – yearly, monthly, weekly or daily to suit your requirements. High value items or high turnover items can be selected for specific counts if required. Avoid unpleasant surprises by knowing exactly what is in your warehouse at any time and achieve accurate forecasting based on demand history. Streamline item replenishment, speed up put-away and picking of goods and meet increasingly tighter delivery deadlines.
  • Supersessions – as parts are superseded Greentree manages the process allowing new items to supersede those on open sales orders, purchase orders or bills of material. The superseded item’s history can be adopted by the new item allowing historical reporting, sales demand and purchase forecasting to be achieved easily. Save time whilst ensuring the accuracy of your stock.
  • Kitsets – kitsets can be maintained with configurable options to allow quantity changes, substitute or mandatory items, price rollup as well as the ability to create custom kits on the fly by allowing additional lines to be added to a kit. Kits can be stocked or created at sales order entry stage offering complete flexibility on how you manage your kitsets.
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) – set up and use multi level Bills of Material using Greentree BOM processor. Create factory orders based on demand or forecasts to produce items from a BOM.
  • Stock forecasting and budgeting – Greentree facilitates effective forecasting by bringing together all the relevant information, from sales demand, purchase and manufacturing commitments to expected deliveries. With accurate data you can plan the materials and resources to meet the most complex customer demands at the most competitive and profitable price. Stock budgets can also be maintained by customer, product, branch, sales person or combinations thereof enabling you to monitor progress against plan as the year unfolds.
  • Quality control – when receiving stock carry out qualitative and quantitative tests on specific parts. These tests can pass or fail an item allowing it to be quarantined or received into stock. All test results are maintained against that part for future reference. This level of testing gives you the assurance that your customers will receive the quality parts they expect.
  • Dimension tracking feature – ideal if you need to track your stock by length, width and or height. You can keep track of offcuts for resale – maximising your revenues. Additionally if you are a ‘style, colour, size’ type business dimension tracking will provide you with swift order processing.
  • Catch weights feature – ideal if you trade in one UOM such as ‘each’ but price in another such as ‘kilos’ e.g. you may stock hams and sell them in singular units but price by kilos and at the time of picking finalise the value of the sales order/invoice.
  • Inventory analysis – an unlimited level of analysis codes can be used as selection criteria in all reports and enquiries. Product categories and Greentree’s unique ‘trees’ facility allows analysis at both a summary and transactional level.
  • Efficient and effective warehouse management – bin management allows location codes to reflect the physical layout of the warehouse showing bins within rows/columns and inventory items organised logically. You can organise bin locations and define bin types, storage profiles and capacity limits for efficient ‘put-away’ and order picking whilst optimising storage. Automatic bin replenishment ensures that inventory items are always in the right place at the right time.
  • Easy barcode label management – take your business to the next level with mobile barcode scanners. Assign and print labels for warehouse items (at both bin location and item level) as well as retail pricing labels by request, or directly on inventory receipt.
  • Powerful inventory reporting – via the drill-down reporting, on screen enquiries, user specific desks and ad hoc enquiry tools it is easy to find the information you need. Standard parameter driven reports provide the information you require to manage inventory effectively.