Forecasting Software

Greentree Forecasting Software uses historical sales data, industry algorithms, seasonal fluctuations and human experience to forecast future inventory requirements.

Make accurate future sales forecasts based on historical data using mathematical modelling (linear or curve fitting) of sales history. Automatically generate forecasts as far out as your business requires. Generate sales per item reports, based on sales history, so you have the information needed to generate recommendations for manufacturing and sales projections.

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Manual adjustments

Manual override of system generated quantities allows for unusual events, seasonal changes, new product lines, distribution channels or unexpected demand peaks or troughs. This is an easy to manage process, as once you have established your criteria the forecast is automatically generated for you.

Feed into MRP process

Minimise costs associated with stored inventory by using multiple forecasts from the Greentree MRP module to calculate the material requirements.

All aspects of the MRP and Forecasting modules are fully integrated to the Inventory, Purchase Orders, Bill of Materials, Factory Orders and General Ledger modules for a live accurate picture of your inventory, purchases and movements.

  • Accurate forecasting – historical and seasonal data, human experience and industry algorithms all deliver accurate forecast demand. Maintain multiple forecasts easily.
  • Manual adjustments allow for unforeseen situations – and respond easily to production change requirements.
  • Utilise data from every transaction – organisation wide data is used so you can automatically generate more accurate forecasts and provide flexible ‘what-if’ forecasting.
  • Increase productivity – automatically generated ‘action messages’ and purchase and factory orders ensure you’re always on-track and reduces errors.
  • Kitset requirements – are included in the generation process