Reporting & Business Intelligence

Greentree offers a wide range of powerful tools and an open design to support your information enquiry, reporting and analysis needs.

Greentree provides access to your information far beyond the boundaries of traditional solutions – make better business decisions through the pre-built models, graphs and tables generated ‘on the fly’. Populate Workflow Desktops with live information that is highly contextually relevant to the task being performed.

You can drill-down to information from anywhere in the product by using Greentree’s exceptional access to accurate, live information and analyse information from many different and user-definable dimensions right down to transactional level. Drill, snap and report to flexible output formats with a range of purpose-built query tools.

Greentree Integrated ERP System

Greentree Report Designer

Report Designer

Greentree’s Report Designer allows you to create new reports with the advantage of direct access to the data structures within Greentree. Get started immediately with a library of over 300 pre-built reports and drill-down report content to access underlying data using the ‘live’ reports.

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  • Over 300 pre-built reports
  • Modify or extend pre-built reports
  • Output to Excel, PDF or email
  • Drill-down to access underlying data

Greentree IQ business intelligence

Greentree IQ

Greentree IQ, powered by world-leading business intelligence software QlikView, builds a total view of your company including the ability to compare customer, product line and territory performance, identify trends and build forecasts based on ‘what-if’ scenarios and perform detailed critical analysis of key business indicators.

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  • Fully customisable Dashboard
  • Pre-built set of business models
  • Intuitive interface – ease of use
  • Lightning-fast dynamic architecture
  • Drill-down to transaction level

Greentree ERP Software WebView Reporting


WebView makes any information that’s available in your Greentree system simultaneously available through your browser. WebView opens a dynamic web enquiry and reporting window into Greentree, giving users access to the full range of information to improve communication and collaboration across your organisation.

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  • Organisation-wide productivity improvements
  • Extremely powerful information access
  • Drill-down to your data, from anywhere
  • Proactive partner relationships
  • Familiar and consistent interface

Greentree SQL & Query Tools

Greentree SQL & Query Tools

A host of inbuilt reporting and analysis tools plus open access for other reporting systems, e.g. Microsoft® Reporting Services. Greentree SQL offers a number of methods to support open access from ODBC through to populating a data warehouse in Microsoft® SQL Server in real-time.

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  • Use Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Open access from ODBC
  • Pre-built maps
  • Mapping Wizard
  • Build flexible searches

Financial Reporting Engine in Excel - F.R.E.E.

Financial Reporting Engine in Excel (F.R.E.E.)

Use this tool to develop the financial reports that you really need. With live links to the information within your Greentree ERP System you can format, plan, and manipulate data for a wide variety of business uses and easily create dynamic financial reports, that reflect the current state of your business.

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  • Live links to the data within Greentree
  • Develop the reports you really need
  • Flexible budgeting tools
  • Analyse from many different dimensions – down to transactional level
  • Not just reporting – updating capabilities

Greentree ERP Software eReporting


Greentree eReporting provides the ability to automatically send reports and business documents to staff, customers and suppliers via email or fax saving valuable time on repetitive yet essential administration tasks and reducing costs.

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  • Save time, money, paper and postage
  • Tailor to each contacts needs
  • Automate remittances and statements
  • Automate processing and delivery of payslips
  • Easily customise reporting