Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Software

Drive improved production management using industry standard techniques.

Greentree Material Requirements Planning (MRP) software enables you to balance customer demand, accurately forecast requirements, plan production with pin-point accuracy, and make last minute changes to a scheduled production run – without compromising core process.

Although typically associated with manufacturing MRP can is used in a variety of other environments such as distribution and sales, without the need for Bill of Materials and Factory Orders.

All aspects of the MRP and Forecasting modules are fully integrated to the Inventory, Purchase Orders, Bill of Materials, Factory Orders and General Ledger modules for a live accurate picture of your inventory, purchases and movements.

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Materials and production planning

Determine exactly what and when materials are required to produce the most timely and competitively priced products and services for your customers. Multiple runs simulate ‘what-if’ scenarios for evaluating alternative operating strategies. Slash productivity wastage with the intuitive visual planning board and reports.

MRP generation options

Configure to suit your business using any one of four industry-standard options (Sales Orders, Forecasts, Sales Orders and Forecasts, Sales Orders and Consumption Forecasts).

Inventory management

Ensure uninterrupted production with the facility to calculate what and when materials are required, where they are to be sourced from and where they are needed. Carry out more refined analysis by separating out high-value/long-lead-time inventory items from low-value short-lead-time items. You don’t need to perform calculations on all inventory items at the same time, only those contained within the tree and you can manage the risk associated with long-lead time items and short lead-time items side-by-side.

Flag an item as critical to focus the production plan on just this item and observe the effect of change.

Take control of exceptions and production delays with proactive action message alerts, e.g. scheduled receipts, overdue purchase orders and re-scheduling of existing orders.

  • Plan production accurately – produce timely and competitively priced products to ensure you stay competative.
  • Efficiently manage inventory – plan inventory purchasing and forecast accurately using historical and seasonal data.
  • Manual adjustments allow for unforeseen situations – and respond easily to production change requirements.
  • Manage your manufacturing process with ease – visual planning boards display and manage manufacturing factory orders or export data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.