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Our vast vertical knowledge, experience and expertise has led to the title of Greentree ERP Systems Reseller of the Year, every year since 2008.

Our extensive experience combined with our commitment to providing the best possible customer service ensure we deliver in streamlining your business processes, solving  your business challenges and put your organisation in a more efficient and effective position.

Over 10,000 companies rely on Greentree ERP Systems every day to run their business. Whatever your company size, or business function you can benefit from a low-cost, high performance, fully integrated ERP and business management solution that will help you maximise productivity, add value and effectively manage your growth.

Working with us
Greentree ERP Software
  • Prerogative consultants have been implementing ERP systems for over 15 years
  • 100s of implementations delivered to small and medium-sized organisations
  • The very best technical and application support
  • Dedicated project and account managers to support you
  • Proven implementation methodology
Greentree ERP Software Partner Prerogative

Over 10,000 companies rely on Greentree ERP Systems daily.
It’s so configurable, it ticks all the boxes for just about any industry you can name…

Greentree ERP System for Not-For-Profit Organisations

Not-for-Profit & Charities

Minimise admin costs, manage electronic transactions and inventory, streamline processes and maintain governance obligations with ease – we have every penny covered!

Not-for-Profit solutions
Greentree ERP System for Wholesale & Distribution organisations

Wholesale & Distribution

Reliable, responsive and flexible global wholesale and distribution software. From inventory management to sales and delivery – every aspect is covered.

Wholesale & Distribution Solutions
Greentree ERP Systems for Professional Service companies

Professional Services

Deliver better customer service, improve your resource utilisation, streamline invoicing and billing, elevate on-time project delivery and drive your profitability.

Professional Services Solutions
Greentree ERP Systems for Tourism Companies

Travel & Tourism

Boost your productivity, increase online sales, automate manual tasks, exceed customer demands and manage with ease all the varied aspects of managing a tourist attraction.

Travel & Tourism Solutions
Greentree ERP Systems for Field Service based organisations

Field Service

Deliver exceptional customer service, improve resource utilisation and communication with field engineers, automate service processes, streamline invoicing and drive your profitability.

Field Service Solutions
Greentree ERP Systems for Construction & Engineering Companies

Construction & Engineering

From managing your staff, job costing, work flow management to financial modelling and reporting Greentree is the solution of choice for any construction or engineering project.

Construction & Engineering Solutions

Powerful, fully integrated and modular, Greentree ERP Systems grow with your business and work the way you do

Greentree ERP Systems Financial Management

Financial Management

Powerful, integrated, scalable corporate financial management software for instant, reliable and accurate information that maximises the control you have over your business performance, results and growth.

Financial Management
Greentree ERP Systems Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management

Manage your customers, suppliers, sales and service processes effectively. CRM is a powerful suite that helps you define the organisations your business comes into contact with and take a holistic view of your relationship with them.

Customer Relationship Management
Greentree ERP Systems Supply Chain & Distribution Solutions

Supply Chain & Distribution

Drive sales, exceed customer expectations and streamline workflow. Improve your complete supply process, from request through to delivery with software that delivers slick, accurate inventory and warehouse management.

Supply Chain & Distribution
Greentree ERP Systems Job Cost Management Solutions

Job Cost Management

Integrates live control and tracking of all job-related resources – empower your teams with the tools to quickly and accurately allocate time, resources, materials, purchases and revenues to jobs and projects, for ultimate efficiency and cost control.

Job Cost Management
Greentree ERP Systems Workflow & Business Process Management

Workflow & BPM

Greentree Workflow gives you a real-time proactive view of your key business information providing total visibility, averting errors and streamlining business processes. With BPM automate routine daily processes, to deliver consistent, controlled results.

Workflow & BPM
Greentree Service & Asset Management Software

Service & Asset Management

Solutions to manage every aspect of your services work and assets, to enable you to maintain the high level of service that your customers expect. Plus deliver self-service systems for customers and staff to interact with your business online.

Service & Asset Management
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“Greentree enables us to access organisational information and meet our compliance obligations, faster and more efficiently than we ever have before. Without it, we simply couldn’t attract, manage or retain the level of donor funding we have today.”

Kerry Bosworth, Finance Director, CORD UK

Greentree’s Excel integration provided the perfect solution for this UK charity when its funding livelihood became increasingly entangled in a spreadsheet web.

“With the storage of multiple budgets we can now produce the management accounts that were so difficult to produce before and with the storage of statistical information we can also generate daily trading reports, monthly marketing reports and information on ticket trends.”

Karen Taylor, Management Accountant, Castle Howard Estate Ltd

Greentree ERP Systems for Tourism Companies
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