Recruitment Software

Greentree Recruitment manages the entire process of attracting, assessing and recruiting the best talent available, giving you the competitive edge.

Ideal for organisations that conduct their own internal recruitment processes or for specialist recruitment agencies, Greentree Recruitment is an integral component of the Human Resource Management suite.

Recruitment is driven by the concept of a ‘position’ which describes a specific role within your organisation including the functions that role must perform, job description, certifications and other requirements. A ‘position’ can define a role to be held by only one person at a time or by multiple people where a number of identical positions are managed as a whole. A unique feature of Recruitment is the ability to define and record job sharing, which has become common on the employment landscape. A full history of all present and past employees are stored.

Tightly integrated with other Greentree modules, data is only entered once so the integrity of your employee and HR data is maintained across your entire system. Integration with Financial Management handles any billing requirements and manages costs you may incur as a result of the recruitment process.

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Applicant management

Maintain a complete database of all applicants and details such as CV, employment history, education and certifications as well as attach documents electronically to an applicant’s record. Add custom fields to record information unique to your organisation. A powerful search engine allows you to easily scan for skill matches and locate relevant people as required.

Applicants can be existing employees or a new contact. All information previously collected in HRM if an existing employee is carried through to Recruitment seamlessly such as certification and training. In the same way if an external candidate is successful the automatic ‘Convert to Employee’ functionality is used to transfer information.

Recruitment processing

When a position is created or vacated, a recruitment process can be initiated. This can either be a predefined procedure that governs how a position is to be filled or a flexible process tailored to the unique position. You can define an unlimited number of stages in the recruitment process to best fit your requirements; advertising, first and second round interviews, short listing, medical examinations or reference checking etc.

Recruitment stages facilitate the compliance with your organisations recruitment procedures. At every stage, cross-referencing of each applicant is retained, providing both an in-depth audit trail as well as a powerful management tool. Information such as interview notes can be stored for each candidate and electronic document filing provides a mechanism for keeping all records in one place.

Streamline communications and reduce administrative overheads with automated mail merge and bulk email tools, from acknowledgements of applications through to advice for both successful and unsuccessful applicants.

Interview management

Each interview can be assigned to multiple people; internal and external contacts. Provide a schedule for each interviewer, and the infrastructure to methodically record the outcome of each interview.

Billing and finance

Manage associated expenses such as internal HR overheads, recruitment advertising or agency fees so that costs are correctly tracked and allocated.