Report Designer

Report Designer allows you to create reports with the advantage of direct access to the data structures within Greentree.

You have instant access to the current picture of your various business divisions; from outstanding purchase orders, sales pipeline analysis, aged debtors reports and trial balances.

Get started immediately with a library of over 300 pre-built reports that can be selected and filtered by many parameters to meet this broad requirement. With Greentree Report Designer you can modify or extend pre-built reports or create new reports with the option to group or emphasise new information and tailor the look and feel.

The use of ‘Trees’ and eReporting further extends the power and reach of the reporting options. Many reports when previewed to screen can be drilled into to access underlying data and source documents.

Reports can be edited to include graphics, such as your company logo, as well as tailor the information presentation through rich font selection and to group and emphasize information through the use of shapes and lines.

Reports can be saved as text, PDF or to Excel and be emailed, printed or faxed. When saved to Excel, formatting is preserved ensuring key information remains clear and making it easier for you to manipulate or extrapolate on the report data.

Download Report Designer Brochure