Leave Planning Software

Streamline your organisation’s leave planning procedures and minimise the time and resource demands on HR and management staff.

Increase your organisation’s productivity and reduce the time-consuming leave planning administration process that assists employees and management to maintain accurate and timely leave information. Greentree Leave Planning provides the automated tools to manage your organisations leave register and give employees access to their leave accruals, requests and approvals electronically.

Managers can review, approve or reject leave requests with full access to all details and entitlements. You can document and communicate approvals (and rejections) by email in real-time to ensure clarity.

Unplanned staff absences can have a significant impact on your business. With Greentree’s highly visual Leave Planning Board, managers can control staff leave and absences, view and authorise or reject leave in real-time. Staff leave can be tracked and analysed to ensure crucial peak periods are covered and that individual departments are adequately staffed.

Leave Planning integrates with all Human Resources and Payroll modules to optimise HR resources and employee data in a live environment as well as eTimesheets, eHR Employee Self Service and Workflow.

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Leave requests

Employees quickly benefit from this user-friendly interface to view and request leave by date, type and reason while automatically updating hours, days and weeks of specified or calculated leave on screen. The employee receives an email on approval, rejection or cancellation, with the reason documented and communicated in real-time.

Leave approval

Managers can review, approve or reject a leave request for an individual or a team. Managers are provided real-time information not only on the employees current entitlement, but the predicted future entitlement when the leave is to be taken. Managers can view all leave requests simultaneously for specified dates, branches, profit centres etc so that any specific requests can be viewed in context of the overall staffing.

Leave accruals

Leave Planning easily allows staff and managers to view leave history and quickly calculate leave accruals for an individual. Leave Planning can display holiday, sick and other leave accruals in hours, days and weeks to assist employees in planning future leave requests. Managers can also view outstanding leave entitlements for resource planning and analysis.

Leave forecasting and reporting

Employees and managers can forecast what leave they will accrue up to any date in the future to assist in planning and approvals. Management can access a true and accurate picture of consolidated leave across a range of criteria for reporting, analysis and future scheduling, by team, department or individual.

You can define additional data fields to drive your own needs and analysis. Organisations can customise reports to suit their individual requirements which can be viewed on screen as well as emailed to authorised parties.


As with all Greentree modules, Leave Planning permits only assigned users and teams access to specific functions and information, ensuring appropriate security is maintained at all times. Each individual’s leave records are secured so that only authorised staff can retrieve information or approve leave requests.