Mobile Sales Management

Deliver customer orders rapidly and accurately, maximise sales potential and provide the best possible levels of customer service.

Where ever you are, Greentree’s Mobile Sales Management provides your sales and customer service staff all the tools they need to be able to answer customer queries, raise sales orders and provide quotations immediately. Customer orders captured onsite result in accurate and timely order entry and the elimination of keying errors and increased customer satisfaction through fast accurate entry of order requirements. Customer queries can be answered on the spot and staff have immediate visibility of pricing, balances and orders.

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  • Increase productivity and improvements in data accuracy and reporting
  • Reduce order process cycle times resulting in faster order delivery for customers
  • Increase revenue through higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Eradicate high data entry error rates processing paper based order documents
  • Reduce order processing errors or delays
  • Reduce costly customer returns and credit requests
  • Increase selling opportunities with past sales information immediately on hand
  • Maintain optimal inventory levels through real time visibility of order requirements

The Mobile Sales Management suite comprises the following ‘applets’ – Customer Enquiry, Sales Order Entry, Sales Quotations, Item Price and Availability.

Each user, or group of users, can see a filtered subset of your data. For example, each device may provide customer information only for a sales region of relevance to the sales representative. This ensures security as well as optimum efficiency of operation and data traffic, resulting in more effective use of time when visiting your customer.

All applets share the same easy-to-use look and feel with terminology chosen to be field friendly yet consistent with your Greentree ERP System. Navigation is easy with hyperlinks provided for process related tasks and an intuitive icon based menu across all applets.

Customer Enquiry

Provide your staff with all the tools they need to be able to answer customer queries, raise sales orders and provide quotations on the move. A customer’s financial status is visible and advises if the customer has been placed on stop credit. Recent Sales Orders are available along with their status and full details of the items, quantities and prices.

Sales Order Entry

This powerful applet provides all the capabilities you require to enter sales orders in the field. Select items to order by scanning barcodes; choose unit of measure, price book, quantity required and, if permitted, override the price or add a discount. Record your customer’s preferred delivery date and any extra notes to clarify the order. If required to be delivered at a drop ship address this can be selected from predefined customer addresses or a new address entered for the order.

Sales Quotations

A powerful sales tool to equip your sales people to capture, manage and report sales opportunities easily and immediately ensure that information is available to the business. Prepare quotations on the fly whilst discussing requirements with your customer. Once you capture quotation details, these will automatically create a quotation in the Greentree Sales and Marketing module, allowing immediate visibility for Sales Management for forecasting or approval. Quote revisions can be created, ensuring the original is retained for future reference and the stage in the sales process and campaign details can also be noted.

Free format notes can be added as well as selecting the preferred delivery address. All the required information for managing quotes and sales forecasting are also available to allow these to be completed by the salesperson and include Win Confidence percentage, expected order date, when won (or lost) and the quotation expiry date.

Item Price and Availability

Whenever you need to know the price of an item you can find it easily. Select a customer as well to see customer specific pricing. Vary the criteria and the price provided can be calculated based on quantity breaks, currency or date. Inventory balances are provided with quantity details by a wide range of categories including on-hand, committed to sales order and on order, each providing links to breakdown by inventory location. If an item is a kitset, then its kitset components can be viewed showing the quantities available by location.