Greentree eDocs will save your business hours by streamlining the receiving, routing, coding and approving of paper transactions.

You can churn through a high volume of processing, in seconds, without a second thought. The OCR option enables you to automatically extract details from a PDF and copy it into Greentree without the need to be keyed.

Purchase invoices and credits

Receiving an invoice, getting it correctly coded and approved for payment is time consuming. Research tells us it costs an average of £12.00 to manually process an invoice compared to £3.84 if you automate it. Greentree eDocs slashes the time and cost involved in processing delivering a powerful ROI that is quick and easy to calculate.

Reduce the time and effort in processing an invoice

eDocs pulls a PDF invoice electronically into Greentree from your email inbox and routes it for coding and approval. Users are provided with a simple screen to code and approve the document, with the original invoice PDF displayed alongside.

The whole process takes seconds and even the most computer un-savvy manager will find eDocs just as easy as using a pen. Coding couldn’t be simpler: you simply tick the appropriate account codes – no more data entry – with the ‘recently used’ list making coding invoices from your regular suppliers even easier.

Remotely located coders and approvers also love eDocs because it is so fast, accurate and there is no extra cost or effort involved in having to re-key, scan, post or courier a copy.

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Greentree eDocs Imports Invoice from PDF Automatically
eDocs displays the original invoice on the right with simple tick-box account coding on the left

Drastically reduce errors

eDocs checks for duplication, not just based on the invoice number or supplier but also on the date, value and size of the related PDF. You can also enforce two or three-way Purchase Order matching, so that invoices cannot be passed for payment unless a match is found.

Plus there are fewer errors because you can dictate which account codes are assigned to each supplier – for example an invoice from an office supplies company will only offer up the stationery related codes you have decided are relevant, minimising the opportunity to make a mistake.

Far greater visibility

eDocs gives you visibility of an invoice as soon as it arrives in an inbox. You will know exactly when it was received, who it was routed to (when) and who it is currently sitting with. So no more invoices getting lost between coding and approval – you have full visibility and control.

Once an invoice is coded, approved and posted to the supplier’s account, the original invoice PDF is automatically attached and available for viewing.

eDocs Expense Manager

eDocs transforms the expense management process. There are no more crumpled or lost paper receipts. There is an end to needless rounds of enquiries, unnecessary reimbursement delay and over-payments.

Expense receipts are simply emailed for importation into eDocs. Ideally you do this when the expense is incurred by taking a photo of the paper receipt on your phone or tablet. Alternatively you can scan it in at a later date. No receipt? No problem. Non-receipted claims, such as mileage, can be added manually by keying in the quantity.

Categorising and coding is easy; select the expense category and tick the account from the authorised list displayed – whether it be expensed to a general ledger account or coded to a job for recharge. You can choose to categorise and code the receipts as you go, when you raise a claim, or a monthly match-up to the company credit card invoice.

The completed expense claim or credit card invoice can be submitted electronically to a manager for approval (no matter where they are located), or to multiple approvers for line level approval using Approvals & Alerts. The approver sees the coding and purpose of the expense, an image of the receipt, plus warnings of duplicates and unusual receipts. eDocs Expense Management also enables you to recharge the employee if the company credit card is used for personal use or exceeds the company’s threshold for an expense category.

eDocs Customer Remittances

This sub-module pulls remittance advices sent to you by your customers into Greentree directly from your email system. Then allows you to mark which invoices are being paid (or partially paid) on which date. Not only does it give you visibility of what is being paid when, but once the payment comes through, you simply match your receipt to the remittance or create the receipt automatically during Bank Statement entry.

eDocs Supplier Statements

This function pulls your supplier statements into Greentree directly from your email inbox and allows you to reconcile invoices that have been correctly entered into your system. It enables users to route payment runs to approvers electronically, providing the approver with complete visibility of the supplier statement, invoice PDFs and the purchase order approval details.

eDocs OCR

Turn your paper into data using powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This highly accurate, automated data extraction system removes the need for manual data entry and is very easy to use. It’s especially useful for businesses that receive a large number of paper invoices or if you want to eliminate low-value work from your organisation.

When the invoice PDF is imported, it is OCR scanned and a transaction created from the extracted information i.e. supplier, invoice number, date, value and PO number. This collapses the amount of time it takes to enter an invoice, eliminating paperwork as well as the risk of errors from manual data entry. The transaction can then be coded, approved and reconciled within Greentree just like any other invoice.