Mobile Field Service

Best-in-class service companies use mobile field service solutions to drive high performance.

Benefit from Greentree’s Mobile solutions to extend the powerful capabilities of your solution beyond the office and into the field. Empower service personnel with immediate access to their next work request, parts availability and the ability to capture time and materials on the job and deliver a more productive service to your customers.

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  • Faster job turnaround and staff productivity gains drive increased service revenue
  • Increased fix first time service calls, decrease the average time to repair with improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve data quality and eradicate errors and the time cost of transcribing from paper
  • Reduce service staff non-productive time travelling to and from the office to pick up and deliver service work orders
  • Reduce customer complaints resulting from disputes over services provided
  • Prevent overtime costs required to manage service workload
  • Provide service staff with visibility of inventory availability

Service requests

Enable field staff to view the latest information about the schedule of work assigned to them and to report back on the exact nature of the problem, the actions taken, the outcomes and the signature of the client for approval.

Job Management

Manage complex service jobs or projects that involve multiple service requests. As soon as a customer request is received, the job can be assigned and dispatched to the most appropriate person. Your staff deliver the best levels of service to customers and ensure that best practice work methods are followed resulting in more profitable use of time and improved customer service. Work carried out is entered in real-time, capturing an accurate account of activities including time and materials so that on completion this is available for customer approval.

Issue Inventory

Slash errors by allocating and charging inventory immediately to a job or service request. Transfer parts to a job, capture exact quantities and costs as well as update inventory balances to ensure accurate and timely inventory replenishment. If you don’t have the parts on hand, you have accurate information available to immediately show inventory balances by location, allowing you to create a transfer to get the parts delivered quickly.


Use the timer function or detailed timesheet entry to allocate and charge time, providing a detailed breakdown by activity. Eliminate delays between completing the work and billing by having clients sign off on timesheets.