Greentree On-Premise Deployment

The traditional way to deploy ERP software; hosted on a physical server, on your premises and is accessed using your existing LAN (Local Area Network) or externally via Citrix/Terminal Services as if you are on the company site.

On-premise deployment is the preferred option for many companies for a number of reasons however it is down to your individual business needs how you want to operate and the investment you are prepared to make in your IT infrastructure.

  • IT infrastructure considerations – Your server(s) and network will need to meet the minimum requirements for running Greentree and be able to process the volume of transactions you’ll be making. You should also consider all the devices and operating systems you are looking to use too.

  • Security and back up – choose from the Greentree Secure range of data back-up, disaster recovery and security management options.
  • Upgrades – you can upgrade as soon as a release comes out or upgrade on a suitable date. Greentree’s Primed4U enables you to effortlessly upgrade your business systems at low cost and with minimal impact.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support – comprehensive software maintenance and support is available on an annual basis. Hardware/infrastructure support sits outside of these costs.
  • Remote access to your data – you don’t have to be in the cloud to access your data from anywhere, at any time. So long as the appropriate infrastructure is in place, you can have remote access to enabled modules.