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Integrated business management systems for distribution and related businesses. Deliver better productivity, profitability and engagement to drive your organisation.

We help wholesale and distribution organisations improve delivery to increase productivity and profits. Greentree ERP Software is a proven performer with wholesale, distribution and warehousing businesses globally – including brands like TATA UK, Mazda NZ, Ryman Healthcare, Dynea and Seeka.

We understand your need to improve productivity, reduce errors, automate manual tasks, and reduce your delivery cycle. Greentree ERP Software delivers with central, accurate, accessible data, it will truly connect your supply chain and free your teams to focus on the real, value added work.

A fully integrated, single database solution, Greentree works seamlessly allowing you to simply switch on modules that fit your business best and deliver the tools to support your people in managing your organisation day-to-day. Greentree can be hosted in the cloud or on your premises, and offers a full range of security and back up options.

  • Improve productivity – reduce errors, automate manual tasks & shorten your delivery cycle
  • Deliver more satisfaction – create great customer experiences, accurately forecast demand for your suppliers & your staff will be a lot happier too, focusing on your customers rather than processes & admin
  • Increase profitability – increase your margins, cut operational costs & increase sales revenue
  • Generate Operational Intelligence – tap into your data to take action in real-time & streamline processes, to ensure there are no gaps or cracks across your entire organisation
  • Improve Business Intelligence – slice & dice your data to make better business decisions whether making highly accurate supplier comparisons to tracking seasonal trends
  • Deliver more engagement – remove the drudgery & repetitive tasks from a job, free staff to do work that adds value, measure impact & have meaningful discussions at both a management & operational level with the same version of the truth
  • Deliver greater growth – streamlining operations & compliance makes it easier for you to work to industry best-practice standards & helps you run your business more effectively
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Powerful, flexible, integrated distribution software that grows with your organisation – simply choose the modules you need…

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“Since introducing Greentree we’ve had about a third increase in our workload, and yet haven’t had to increase staff. We can answer customers queries about the progress of orders without having to say, ‘give us a couple of days…”

Kamal Desai, Procurement Manager, Tata Ltd

Tata Ltd Greentree Prerogative Customer

“We’re averaging around 25% growth per annum and when we looked at the flexibility of Greentree, the way it can adapt to our business and all the functions that are available, we just knew that we were onto a winner.”

Gareth Thompson, Operations Director, Xamax Clothing Company

Xamax Clothing Company chooses Greentree for growth
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