Greentree Screen Designer

Design individual Workspace with fit-for-purpose, tailored screens that empower users to work smarter and faster.

Tailor screens at an organisational, team or individual level – without needing expert assistance – to match your brand and company culture. It’s not just about the colours, terminology and content, but the layout, workflow, priorities and permissions which delivers a very real competitive edge and opportunity to boost productivity.

Streamline the way your users and organisation operates, saving time and delivering the information you need instantly.

Greentree Screen Designer’s Designer Palette
1. Simply click on the element you wish to change and it will highlight
2. The Designer Palette will appear allowing you to change the labels, field colours, font sizes and colours
Greentree Screen Designer’s Designer Palette
1. If you are unhappy with any changes, simply use the ‘undo’ button
2. When you’re happy, choose ‘save’ button and you will be directed to give your form a new name

You choose who has access within your organisation to make changes; anyone with a good understanding of Greentree, the work processes involved and your organisation’s operation can without any formal training or coding experience – most changes are simply ‘drag and drop’ or changing values in a field.

You’re not limited to the number of different versions you create for a single screen – unique views can be created to match specific device types, business needs, or processes.

As you create or re-arrange a screen, Screen Designer guides you through the elements that may need changing, including identifying the device you are designing for. You get to decide what the form should contain, prioritise how the information is displayed and dictate the path the cursor takes as you tab through. You also decide who within your organisation has access.

Download Screen Designer Brochure
  • Design palette – change text and background colours, the size of fields and fonts, add, hide and reorder fields and tabs, make different fields mandatory, create new default values and assign ‘read only’ fields
  • Design by user and device – move and manipulate fields, labels, columns and tabs to suit the way you want to work. Hide unnecessary objects to focus users on what they need, and hide sensitive material that only authorised people should see.
  • Easy to use designer – complete and quick to pick up personalise the screens to give you exactly what you require both in terms of terminology and field placement.
  • Automate efficiency – consolidate information beneficial to your company, avoid lengthy scrolling and simplify data entry with mandatory fields, set default values, cutting the time it takes to move through a process for improved accuracy and efficiency.
  • Unlimited ‘undo and redo’ functionality – if you change your mind, delete or reinstate your changes (even if you’ve logged out in between).
  • Consistent ‘company’ terminology – stock or inventory, estimate or quote – change any label to fit the way you work – this saves time and confusion, ensuring everyone is working consistently across your organisation.