Occupational Health & Safety Software

Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success of your business, and is one of the best ways to retain staff and maximise productivity.

Greentree’s Occupational Health & Safety module helps you manage your workplace and reduce risks, ensure that any foreseeable workplace hazards are known and therefore avoidable. When incidents do occur, the details are accurately recorded and the correct procedures are followed to resolve any arising issues.

Whilst far from the primary reason to keep your employees work safe, managing the risk of compensation and insurance excesses also saves significant costs.

Leave Planning integrates with all Human Resources and Payroll modules to optimise HR resources and employee data in a live environment as well as CRM, Approvals and Alerts and Workflow.

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Incident maintenance

When unfortunate incidents do occur, ensure the details are accurately recorded; staff involved, nature of hazard, reporting, compliance and rehabilitation measures taken, so the correct procedures are followed to resolve any arising issues. Files in any format (pictures, diagrams, photographs, interview notes) can be attached to an incident which can be opened and printed at any time.

Management can gain a comprehensive overview of information in real-time and undertake measures to avoid future hazards promptly.

Customised information records

Custom information such as whether an incident has been reported to the Occupational Health and Safety board and claim numbers can also be defined and recorded.


A critical aspect of health and safety is not just recording a workplace incident, but following up the various processes that arise. Automatically trigger follow-up actions for correct process compliance.

External people tracking

Often incidents involve external people in a range of ways, such as witnesses, medical staff, industrial or Government personnel so you create records of external people and cross reference their involvement in any incident.

Rehabilitation and return-to-work management

Track and record post-incident outcomes including rehabilitation and strategies for return to work plans if required.

Government compliance

As a business owner you have responsibilities regarding health and safety in your workplace.  Knowing and understanding the Workplace health and safety (WHS) laws (previously OH&S) will help you avoid unnecessary costs and damage to your business caused by workplace injury and illness. With all incidents properly recorded and data available across all approved desktops, HR and management have real-time access to workplace incidents, claims and rehabilitation information.

Reduce risks and improve productivity

With your health and safety knowledge you can identify trends and potential risks within your organisation. You can modify procedures and ensure a safer work environment for all staff reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. OH&S will reduce the paper trail and centralise processes to ensure increased efficiency in dealing with workplace safety matters and ensure that, by staying on top of incidents, you decrease risk to staff.

You also improve the productivity of your HR administration staff in managing incidents, and employees, by ensuring that your workplace is kept safe.

Reduce costs

Improving workplace safety can lead to significant cost savings including compensation and insurance. Greentree Occupational Health & Safety puts powerful tools in the hands of management to control health and safety issues and the bottom line.

Improved reporting

Management can easily tailor reports to view single or multiple incidents for analysis. Parameters can be set according to dates or incident codes giving your organisation the big picture on workplace safety.


Protect your sensitive data with this powerful and highly flexible security structure. As with all Greentree modules, OH&S permits only assigned users and teams access to specific functions and information, ensuring appropriate security is maintained at all times. Security rules can be applied to an individual, or a team’s ability to perform functions and to access particular records. These security settings are respected in all reports, enquiries and screens.