Quality Control Software

Quality control software to eliminate the costs associated with dissatisfied customers by means of an efficient quality assurance plan.

Greentree’s quality control software automates all the necessary quality control processes and tests for serialised, lot or batch tracked inventory items as well as for non-inventory items such as environmental or laboratory metrics.

Each test is designed to describe the test measure being assessed and these tests are assigned to a test classification as a means to logically group, view and perform related tests. For example in the food manufacturing industry, test classifications may include Product Identification, Microbial and Chemical property tests etc. You can define as many tests as you require within each classification and you can design different tests for inventory items versus non-inventory items. Once tests have been classified and assigned to a serialised, lot or batch tracked inventory item, their progress can be automatically tracked through the quality control process.

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Ensure compliance and traceability

Each Greentree process for receipting an item, such as a Purchase Order or Factory Order receipt can be set to a user defined status, such as Quarantined or QC in Progress, and are automatically assigned their defined tests and test specifications. This saves time and effort and ensures that nothing slips through your Quality Control procedures until it passes.Each test analyst can view their workload on screen and as tests are performed, results can be recorded along with who tested, date and unlimited notes.

Each individual test in the suite can be passed or failed, however it is not necessary for all individual tests to pass before the overall test suite can be passed, but each test must be completed. This provides flexibility for subjective tests such as colour, aroma etc.

Ensure faulty items are never released for use or sale

Items that fail quality control tests are automatically assigned a user definable status that will ensure they are unavailable for sale or use. Products that pass are automatically made available for distribution and sale. Checks and balances at every critical point in the process ensure you have complete control – you can be assured of the quality of your quality control process.

Product recall

Easily trace all items sold by serial number, batch or lot, so you can identify the customers and provide them further information should a situation arise.

“Now we can’t sell items that haven’t been cleared through our quality control system this has ultimately reduced our business risk. Since Greentree’s Quality Control module is an integral part of Inventory Management, the business has achieved a significant milestone.”
John Howard, Finance & Administration Manager, Stahmann Farms