Greentree Secure

Greentree Secure is an advanced and robust backup and recovery product so you have peace of mind that if your system crashes you’ll be back up and running straight away.

Greentree Partial Secure is included in your base Greentree system. Both Instant Secure and Total Secure require additional licensing and implementation.

With Greentree’s Site Management Console you have live visibility of your backups and recoveries. This enables a consistent approach to implementing and managing your backup and recovery strategy. The display can be easily understood by people who are not trained system administrators, enabling them to identify problems that may require expert assistance.

Greentree Instant Secure

Instant means just that – if your system crashes, you’re back up and running straight away. It’s designed for customers that need data recovery to point of failure immediately, and provides a hot-swap Greentree system. You’re totally protected. You can set up several mirrors if you want to, and they can be stored on-premise or in the cloud. It’s a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to be operational 24/7.

Greentree Total Secure

Greentree Total Secure enables Greentree to be recovered to a point prior or up to the point of failure. It offers a managed backup and recovery process for those businesses that feel they can afford to wait a bit to be restored to fully operational, with no re-keying required.

Greentree Partial Secure

Greentree Partial Secure, is applicable to organisations that do not use Greentree web or mobile applications, and maintain a complete paper trail that can be used to re-key data lost between the time of failure and their last good backup.

Download Greentree Secure Brochure
Function Instant Total Partial
Rapid hot swap to a live Greentree standby system Tick Cross Cross
Support for additional hot swap standby systems Tick Cross Cross
Automated management of database update journals Tick Tick Cross
Performance enhancing multi-threaded backups (backups are faster and more efficient) Tick Tick Cross
Management console to provide visibility of primary and secondary (hot swap) server status Tick  Cross  Cross
Management console to provide visibility of backup status and key system and environment information Tick Tick Cross
Scheduling of backups independently of the ‘print’ and ‘task’ queue Tick Tick Cross
Automate naming of backup folder destinations Tick Tick Tick
Please note: All technology solutions are a combination of software and hardware components, and this is especially true in the world of backup and recovery systems. You must regularly test that these systems are working correctly in your environment. Undertaking full simulated recoveries is mandatory good business practice.