Our specialist charity accounting software is just the ticket for Not For Profit tourist attractions…

From museums and galleries to historic homes and monuments, it’s tough out there for charitable and Not For Profit (NFP) tourist attractions. Competition’s fierce, especially from free entry venues. Cut-backs have reduced funding at local and national levels. Customers demand more, looking for innovative (and expensive!) entertainment, such as Virtual Reality. And all the while you have to manage down costs while managing up funding, donations, visits and sales, accounting for every penny as you do. Then there’s regulation and taxation…

We’ll help you drive down costs and complexity, so you can focus on analysing, tracking and driving up funding

We have in-depth experience of helping charity and not for profit visitor attractions overcome the challenges you face – with Greentree’s proven and innovative software.

Put the financial management of your tourist attraction very firmly on the map

We’ve revolutionised the way many organisations like yours operate – we help them strengthen financial management including funds’ tracking; meet legal, governance and transparency obligations efficiently; streamline and simplify operations; communicate more effectively internally and externally; slash waste, timelines and costs; drive excellence and improve results.

Here’s how

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  • Fine-tuned for tourist attractions – Master those functions that matter to your sector. Account for restricted and unrestricted funds. Compare year on year ticket sales – by days, dates and holidays. Organise bookings and events. Integrate with shop EPOS systems for enhanced retailing.

  • Cut confusion for complete fingertip control – Forget stand-alone and manual systems. Slash paperwork, repetition, duplication, error and waste. Put everything in one place to streamline and simplify each process and procedure. Optimise time and minimise errors with built-in alerts.

  • Make the most of your money – Ensure every penny is trackable through smooth, efficient processes. The result? All commitments visible, fewer budgets blown, less cost and time wasted, more money going where it’s needed. Plus, you boost the quality of your forecasting and reporting.

  • Perfect project management – Get the complete picture and total control of every project and budget. Whether it’s new development, refurbishment or minor works. That’s in real time, at all times, via a range of devices.

  • Your business, joined up – Integrate with other key systems. From ticket bookings to EPOS sales, Greentree can pull it all together and put it all in one place.

  • It all comes down to data driven decision-making – Get timely, accurate, single source data that you can easily access, analyse and action. Too much information’s as bad as too little. So get the right data, in the right format, at the right time.

  • Growth without the growing pains – Choose a long-term scalable, future-proof and tailored solution, not a short-term fix. Ours will evolve as your tourist attraction does for maximum ROI.

One single system – smooth, seamless, streamlined, silo-free and simple for the ultimate in information flow

Tried and trusted by tourist attractions

Greentree has over three decades of experience working with the charity and NFP sector. The Prerogative team has worked with a wide range of tourist attractions since 2002, from the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust to Castle Howard.

Pick a winner to help your organisation win

Our charity accounting software puts all you need, all in one place, to give you unparalleled control and visibility. Just one of the reasons the Prerogative team has been awarded the title of Greentree ERP System Reseller of the Year, every year, since 2008.

Peace of mind that’s worth the price of entry alone

We’re committed to the success of the charity and NFP tourist attraction sector. That’s why an impressive 90% of our customers would recommend us to others under the globally-recognised Net Promoter Score index.

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Read the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust Case Study

The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust was established in 1967 to preserve and interpret the remains of the Industrial Revolution in the six square miles of the Ironbridge Gorge. The Ironbridge Gorge is one of Britain’s leading heritage sites, featuring 10 award-winning museums depicting the country’s Industrial Revolution. Ironbridge needed to upgrade its business systems to handle major growth in its activities.

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Greentree ERP Systems for Tourism Companies

Castle Howard is known worldwide as Yorkshire’s premier historic house. The estate runs a diverse range of business interests including retail, farming, forestry, property and tourism, employing around 100 permanent and 150 casual staff. Castle Howard’s mission is to use the profit generated by the estate to fund restoration and conservation of its historical buildings and landscape.

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Read the Charities and NFP eBook

This eBook covers some of the most common business management issues not-for-profits face from using time well, engaging, recruiting and retaining more funders and donors in a highly competitive market, eradicating poor communication through to managing constant change. Increasing efficiency could really benefit your organisation – manage your costs and grow your income…

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“Managing multiple income streams is a major challenge for us; while we’re largely self-funding from our commercial entities, as a charity we also have a number of different grants that all need their own reporting and accounting treatment. Greentree gives us the flexibility to manage those various streams and Prerogative resolved all the implementation issues within our stipulated time frame.”

Anna Brennand, CEO, Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust