Sales & Marketing Software

Effectively manage your complete sales cycle from an initial marketing campaigns, lead tracking, opportunity management through to quote creation and sales orders.

The complete seamless end to end sales process including pipeline reporting can be easily managed with the Greentree Sales and Marketing module.

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  • Streamlined sales cycle management – from initial enquiry to a completed sales order. Prospects or customers can be allocated a sales person or team, assigned sales territories, account managers or reseller/agent. User definable fields and trees can be used to capture specific information about the contact and details of every call, communication and appointment is recorded and can be viewed instantly. The status of the prospect and quote can be reported on and measured with confidence delivering accurate pipeline analysis. Processes can be streamlined minimising administration through the use of action plans.
  • Quotes – maintain an accurate record of all quotes raised including revisions along with quote status. Revisions can be approved and locked after sending ensuring an audit trail is maintained. Selecting stock items, special prices and stock availability is all integrated with Greentree’s Inventory Management system ensuring the right price is presented to the customer. Quotes can be printed at any time or sent out via a user definable Word or Excel template providing complete flexibility of the quote layout.
  • Estimate quotes with Job/Project Costing – fully integrated with Job Costing any estimate quote relating to a new or existing job or project can be created and transferred into Job Costing once won in just a few key strokes. The detailed quote information can form the basis of the job cost estimate, billing rules and resource plan allowing full comparison of actuals to budgets as the job progresses.
  • Create invoices and accept payments with orders – on quote acceptance a sales order, job or invoice can be created from the quote, complete with real-time stock allocation, back ordering and multi-location stock fulfilment. Credit checking is applied and payments can be directly processed (including credit cards) with the order, either for deposits or full payment.
  • Conceptual products – quotes for products not yet stocked can be created without requiring the item to be created in inventory. When progressing to an order the quote details are updated with actual stock items ensuring an efficient process and the system only maintains relevant stock codes.
  • Composite products – as well as stock and non-stock items, groups of products and/or services can be defined, which can be made up of a multiple or different lines and priced as a whole or individually for multi-product promotions.
  • Accurate and compliant data management – de-duplication of records is automatic and users are prompted if duplicate contacts/organisations are entered with the ability to accept the existing record if preferred. Data can be marked as verified or left for future verification by admin users. Lists can be stored within Greentree; user definable fields in addition to standard items such as location, products purchased and interests can be used to segment lists enhancing marketing efforts. Lists can be used for telemarketing, email and mailshot campaigns with ease.
  • Better targetted marketing campaigns – campaigns can be created based on criteria such as location, buying patterns and demographics. A multitude of prospect lists can be created to fine tune your campaigns and target specific prospect groups. All activities associated with the marketing campaign can be defined and tracked such as mailers, events, emails and telemarketing activities. Marketing budgets can be monitored with accurate reporting on forecast and actual sales or gross profit to show the value of a campaign against target.
  • Email marketing and mail merge – generate bulk or one-off emails to all list members. A record of each email sent is retained, keeping a valuable history of your communications with your customers and prospects. Greentree supports mail-merging for in-house production, or via an external mailing house. Mailing labels can be produced with can include full postal distribution center sorting.
  • Complete communication management – record all employee communication against a contact whether inbound or outbound calls and emails, closed or outstanding (open) communications and follow ups to ensure no communication is missed and your teams have total visibility of their prospects. All communication can be cross-referenced to sales leads, quotes raised, related organisations and contacts.
  • Bi-directional integration with Microsoft Outlook – contacts, tasks, appointments and follow-ups can all be published to Microsoft Outlook, providing you and your team with offline access to key information, such as your personal contacts. Emails received from contacts can be filed automatically or manually against the contact or organisation automating the creation of support calls, updating the latest information on a lead or quote or even creating a sales enquiry.
  • Action plans – can be set up for sales staff providing a roadmap for the sales process. Key milestones are set up and acknowledged to ensure a methodical and structured approach. Many action plans can be set up for different types of sales leads which can be a simple or complex coordinated approach to closing sales leads.
  • Email communication can be managed from Microsoft Outlook or Greentree – manage the filing of both received and sent emails from Outlook and store them effortlessly against any record in Greentree. Access emails at any time even if the original has been deleted or the sender/recipient has left the company. Greentree can use Microsoft Outlook for emails or directly communicate with your SMTP mail server, providing seamless email integration to most email platforms.