Customer Relationship Management

Manage all your contacts, sales and service processes effectively with Greentree’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

Comprehensive and fully integrated, Greentree CRM Software provides a powerful base to define the organisations your business comes into contact with and take a holistic view of your relationships with them.

Greentree CRM Software delivers a complete solution: from enabling highly effective marketing efforts, identifying sales opportunities, tracking contacts and their buying behaviours, right through to full integration into mission-critical Financial, Distribution and Job Costing suites.

Greentree Integrated ERP System


A truly mobile option for your sales team to access your key sales data at all times, in one place, both historical and upcoming – from anywhere. Greentree4Sales connects your sales engine to your business engine in the most powerful way possible.

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  • Works on desktop, laptop or tablet
  • User-friendly workspace
  • Simple display of key data
  • Tailored to the way you work
  • Comprehensive functionality

Greentree Customer Relationship Management Contacts & Relationships

Contacts & Relationships

Effectively manage all your interactions internally and externally with customers, suppliers, competitors and prospects. From one screen access all the information you hold on an organisation or contact from communication shared to financial detail.

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  • Easy access to contact information and their relationships
  • Unlimited user defined fields and groupings
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Document management
  • Data and list management

Greentree Customer Relationship Management Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Effectively manage your complete sales cycle from the initial marketing or telephone campaign to lead tracking, opportunity management, quote creation through to sales order. A true end to end sales process including pipeline reporting.

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  • Streamlined sales cycle management
  • Quote management – fully integrated with Job Costing
  • Create invoices and accept payments with orders
  • Supports conceptual and composite products
  • Maintain data protection compliant

Greentree Customer Relationship Management Bookings Management

Bookings Management

A flexible, easy to use and efficient solution for organisations that require co-ordination of events or booking of resources. Its total integration with other Greentree modules enables Bookings Management to handle all aspects of bookings, including confirmation letters and invoicing where applicable.

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  • Manage invitation lists with ease
  • Bulk email and mail merges
  • Resource Planner – a visual account of resource deployment
  • Track related income and expenses
  • Direct quote and invoice generation

Greentree eCRM Module


eCRM is a web portal to your Greentree CRM so you can add, define and maintain contacts in the Greentree CRM database from a browser, ideal for geographically dispersed organisations. Also drastically reduce administration costs by giving customers and suppliers secure access to view and manage their own accounts.

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  • Drastically reduce administration costs
  • Customer and supplier self-service
  • Extensive data capture
  • Daily summary of tasks for that day
  • Customisable aging analysis

Greentree ERP System CRM Fundraising Software


Capture where pledges and donations are from, what they relate to and the amount as well as processing monies received. Pledges and donations can be revised ensuring a full audit trail of all revisions is maintained. This is performed with the use of a version number, which reflects the original pledge or donation.

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Greentree Customer Relationship Management Knowledgebase

Knowledge Base

Manage information and make it accessible to staff, customers and suppliers as required. The Greentree Knowledge Base module provides a framework for systematically storing information and providing flexible yet secure access control, both internally and externally to that information.

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