Overcoming increasing demand and competition with decreasing resources is mission critical for research and environmental Not For Profits – survive and thrive with our charity accounting software

These are challenging times. There’s the uncertainty of Brexit. Deciding whether you should counter falling funding with income from commercial partnership, sponsorship or trading. Demonstrating clear impacts while overcoming public scrutiny and cynicism, and meeting ever more onerous governance, legislative, transparency and reserves obligations. But whether the turmoil is political, social, technological or economic, we can help you work to win…

Maximise efficiency, effectiveness and entrepreneurship, minimise complexity, confusion and cost to get more resources where they do most good

Leverage the in-depth experience we have of helping Not For Profit research and environmental enterprises overcome the challenges they face with Greentree’s proven and innovative charity accounting software.

Your enterprise, joined up

We’ve revolutionised the way many enterprises like yours operate – we help them strengthen financial management; control jobs and resources; streamline and simplify operations; meet legal, governance and transparency obligations efficiently, communicate more effectively internally and externally; slash waste, timelines and costs; drive excellence and improve outcomes.

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  • Effortlessly improve efficiency – Forget stand-alone and manual systems. Slash paperwork, repetition, duplication, error and waste. Put everything in one place to streamline and simplify each process and procedure. Enhance time management and eliminate errors through built-in alerts.

  • There’s strength in the right numbers – Cut out administrative burdens to ensure that every penny is trackable and accounted for, every process is controlled, smooth and efficient – including commitment accounting and partially exempt VAT. The result? Minimise cost and time wasted, maximise revenues going to where they’re most needed. Optimise the quality of your forecasting, budgeting and reporting.

  • Ensure each project performs as planned – Manage and progress your projects effectively and efficiently – wherever you’re working in the community. Give everyone a complete picture of every job and budget – from in house staff to field workers and funders. That’s at all times, in real time, via a range of devices. Allocate, track and analyse estimates, actuals and budgets with automatic alerts. Drill-down instantly to the detail.

  • Our tools evolve with your enterprise – Choose a long-term scalable, future-proof and tailored solution, not a short-term fix. Ours will change and grow with your organisation for maximum ROI.

  • Accurate data to drive your enterprise forward – Get timely, accurate, single source data you can easily access, analyse and action to aid your decision making. Too much information’s as bad as too little. So get the right data, in the right format, at the right time.

  • Enjoy crystal clear communication – Breakdown the barriers and silos between your in the field and in-house teams and funders, so that every interested party has total project visibility. And better communications equals better outcomes and stronger relationships with funders.

  • Full compliance with complete confidence – From funders to tax and government offices (including SORP and SOFA), enjoy transparent finances. Meet your compliance, governance and legal obligations with ease and confidence.

One single system – smooth, seamless, streamlined, silo-free and simple for the ultimate in information flow

Tried and trusted by the third sector

Greentree has over three decades of experience working with the charity and NFP sector. From Canterbury Archaeological Trust to Plymouth Marine Laboratory, the Prerogative team has worked with a variety of research and environmental NFPs since 2002.

Pick a winner to help your organisation win

Our charity accounting software puts all you need, all in one place, to give you unparalleled control and visibility. Just one of the reasons the Prerogative team has been awarded the title of Greentree ERP System Reseller of the Year, every year, since 2008.

Our philosophy is simple – we only succeed if you do

We’re committed to the success of the sectors and organisations we work with. We truly understand the challenges you face. That’s why an impressive 90% of our customers would recommend us to others under the globally-recognised Net Promoter Score index.

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Read the Plymouth Marine Laboratory Case Study

Plymouth Marine Laboratory is a world-leading marine science establishment, involved in environmental projects across the globe. It has over 100 research projects underway at any one time and employs some of the best scientists in the world. Its work includes studies on air-sea gas exchange, aquaculture, biodiversity and ecosystem function, and geo-engineering. PML wanted to move away from out-dated, non integrated business systems from which it was difficult and time-consuming to extract data.

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Read the Canterbury Archaeological Trust Case Study

The Canterbury Archaeological Trust was formed in 1975 to undertake excavations, research, publication and the presentation of the results of its work to the public. It undertakes archaeological fieldwork and desk-based research, provides planning consultation and advice, publishes both popular and academic reports, and provides education services. Greentree’s integrated Workflow, Job Costing and Payroll deliver live data on archaeological projects that can span several years.

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“Our legacy systems were an unmitigated disaster… Our finance staff had to extract raw data about hours worked and costs incurred, then manually calculate for invoicing and reports. There was a lot of double-keying and a lot of mistakes.”

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“Our Greentree system gives us complete visibility of all the projects we undertake, so our managers can track their costs, which is vital for accountability to our clients.”

John Hammond, Commercial Operations Director, Canterbury Archaeological Trust