A truly mobile option for your sales team to access your key sales data at all times, in one place, from anywhere.

Greentree4Sales connects your sales engine to your business engine in the most powerful way possible, anytime/anywhere access to an engaging user experience that has been designed specifically for those in a sales role. Seamlessly access the functionality and information of Greentree from your tablet or laptop on the fly, tailored to the way you work.

Look up a customer; find out all you need to know in a few taps. Create a quote; track it through the warehouse and dispatch. Check if it’s been invoiced. See who has and hasn’t paid you. When a customer calls, check stock availability and the alternatives. See who you’re scheduled to visit that day and anyone you need to chase. And you still haven’t left the car. With Greentree4Sales you can keep on the move – your business system now travels effortlessly with you from desktop to tablet (or laptop) and back again.

Workspace for Sales

Designed for sales people; key data is always in view with the ability to configure what’s on screen to fit the way you work reflecting key data you need to keep at hand. Choose to present the information as a badge or load into the Views Tray to keep in constant view. The badges highlight key facts such as overdue tasks and alerts across a comprehensive range of intelligence.


Greentree4Sales Overview Video
Greentree4Sales - Workspace showing badges and four open panels
Greentree4Sales – Workspace
Open Quotes Sort by date or status the quotes you currently have open. Select to reveal and update individual quotes in an instant.
Sales Quotes Overview of active and inactive quotes plus those that you have won or lost. Presented as a summary graph with a detailed, scrollable list underneath.
Top 10 Customers An organisation-wide view that displays your top 10 customers and their revenue.
Follow-ups Listed in date order all of the follow-ups you have scheduled or been assigned. A red dot indicates if the task is overdue.
Appointments See your day’s schedule at a glance. Tap to shift to the next, day, month or year.
Approvals This is one for managers. Highlights quotes or any other task requiring sign-off. Select the asterisk to approve on the spot or drill down for more information.
Communications Keep track of all inbound and outbound communications with customer and suppliers, easily being able to see what is still open requiring follow-up.
Open Leads Keep track of your pipeline with quick access to your open leads and potential lead value; sort by stage, value and customer. More detail is only a click, or tap, away.


Everything you need to know about your customers, suppliers, resellers or prospects from one simple screen and with Screen Designer you can configure this to your specific needs. As an ‘organisation’ represents more than just a customer, if you have access to suppliers, resellers and prospects, this is where you’ll find their information too.

Linked to Google Maps you can match an address to a location in an instant. Any related financial information is summarised, with the ability to drill-down into detail plus be alerted to issues such as late payments. The Sales Enquiry link similarly gives an overview of all open orders for the organisation (not just those driven by quotes) and can deliver the detail of their progress including pack, dispatch and billing. In The Zone for this form you can make quick notes, view alerts and make any approvals required.


The ‘Contact’ screen gives you the same one-screen view of a contact’s details as you get for an ‘organisation’, whether they are a customer, supplier or prospect. Embedded Google Maps provides you with accurate directions and the ‘Activity’ tab details all associated documentation including invoices, receipts, credit notes, refunds and journals.

Relationship centre

All information on an organisation and its related activities are available to you on one screen including related details to past or future activities, any communication so you never miss any important tasks, as can easily access outstanding jobs that need to be followed up.

Quote form

Quoting has never been faster, easier or more accurate. At every step of the process you’re prompted for information with pop-ups and consolidated fields to make data entry easy. Fields within the form are also powered by Enterprise Search, so if you’re not sure of the product name you’re after, enter a close guess and the options start appearing. Select the product name and a full description and photos will appear – so you know you’ve got it right. As this is in real time, status and availability will be 100% accurate. Once you’ve completed the form, simply email or print your quote.

With existing quotes, an alert will appear if there is an issue with the account and the ‘Revisions’ tab reveals a full quote history, with notes and links to any related quotes that have been converted or abandoned.

Price & availability

Accurate product pricing with automatically calculated discounts, plus real-time availability with smart substitutions and possible add-ons. Linked to customers, it immediately picks up on any discounts and calculates them against your enquiry – with adjustments for quantity breaks if required. Real-time access means you can check how many items are in stock, how many are available for sale and where they’re located. The ‘related inventory’ tab details not only recommended product substitutions but details accessories or add-ons and takes into account the number of items you have already selected and calculates any applicable discounts.

Sales view

An up to the minute snapshot of your organisation’s end-to-end sales process. This complete picture of sales activity is vital for anyone with an interest in your organisation’s sales performance – the extent of what you can see will depend on your user permissions.

Tab across quotes, orders, packing slips and invoices to get a real-time snapshot of the status of any sale whether from your sales channel, your own sales team, a phone or online order. If a customer calls wanting to know their order status, you’ll be able to give them an answer instantly and drill-down to any information presented.

Leads & opportunities pipeline

An overview of all your live leads and opportunities, highlighting any action that needs to be taken and instant access to opportunities should prospects call. If they’re ready, you can convert to a quote with one click and email it straight to the prospect – it is automatically included in the Open Quotes and Sales Quotes panels on your workspace.

Greentree4Sales - Contact Form
Greentree4Sales Contact Form
Greentree4Sales - Relationship Centre
Greentree4Sales Relationship Centre
Greentree4Sales Quote Form Technology
Greentree4Sales - Quote Form
Greentree4Sales Quote Form