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Integrated business management software for construction and engineering businesses. Deliver accurate real-time data on progress of jobs, eliminate manual processes, improve information flow and concentrate on building profits.

We help construction and engineering organisations manage jobs, improve delivery, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately profits. Greentree ERP Software delivers job costing from bidding through to project management and HR and is a proven performer within the construction and engineering sector. Organisations, both large and small are benefitting from Greentree and our customer’s include SSE, Strutt & Parker, UK Highways, Biogen, Alimak Hek, Bronx Engineering and Comvergent Group.

We understand your need to estimate jobs accurately, manage project costs, improve productivity, reduce errors and risk, automate manual tasks, and run projects that maximise margins. Greentree ERP Software delivers by providing all these functions and more within one application allowing staff to focus on the real, value added work of managing day-to-day issues, improving cashflow and customer satisfaction.

A fully integrated, single database solution, Greentree works seamlessly allowing you to simply switch on modules that fit your business best and deliver the tools to support your people in managing your organisation day-to-day. Greentree can be hosted in the cloud or on your premises, and offers a full range of security and back up options.

  • Accurate project management – write competitive, profitable proposals, effectively manage complex projects, view jobs in real-time, monitor and direct your project to a successful completion.
  • Improve project collaboration – co-ordinate strongly with your stakeholders, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and operators to complete your projects successfully.
  • Improve productivity – eliminate paper and manual process inefficiencies, reduce errors and better understand your costs, risks and critical resources.
  • Deliver great customer service – accurately manage projects and staff, choose the best subcontractors and suppliers, control project execution and focus on your customer service rather than processes and admin.
  • Increase profitability – manage the invoicing cycle better and streamline payment collection. Increase your margins, cut operational costs and grow revenue.
  • Improve Business Intelligence – control and distribute project data efficiently. Make quick and informed decisions with real-time data from job comparisons, tracking spend to improving consistency in forecasts.
  • Improve Operational Intelligence – tap into your data to change actions in real-time and streamline processes, to ensure there are no gaps or cracks across your entire organisation.
  • Automatically manage CIS – record and manage Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) information linked automatically to the CIS Government Gateway.
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“Greentree was fully live and operational within 3 months… Greentree has given us the confidence of operating in a best practice financial management and reporting environment. This has enabled us to raise the bar on workflow and office efficiency.”

David Jones, Project Accountant, UK Highways Management Services

UK Highways steered towards fast accounting with Greentree and Prerogative

“We were pleased to see that it was fully integrated, a complete package, and we decided it was going to make a real difference and plug a lot of gaps for us. We kept coming back to the fact that it would work out of the box, and was still flexible in terms of configuration.”

Michael Irving, UK Finance Manager, Alimak Hek

Alimak Hek looked to Greentree for a “long-overdue overhaul”, bringing many disparate processes together
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