Consolidations and Translations

Consolidate multiple entities with differing base currencies, charts of accounts and year ends quickly and accurately.

Greentree delivers a transparent and collaborative approach to producing group reporting that is easily validated and shared across all levels of your business. Reduce time spent at month end, comply with International Financial Reporting standards (IFRS), deliver improved reporting accuracy and eliminate costly conversion errors.

Download Consolidations and Translations Brochure
  • Multiple consolidation levels – maintain simple and complex consolidation hierarchies within Greentree. Multi-layered structures can allow multi-level consolidations and roll up paths if required. Consolidate and report at any level giving you control of consolidated data accurately with no need to rely on spreadsheets.
  • Fast month end reporting – translate and consolidate multiple companies quickly and accurately at month end. Reports can be produced on consolidated figures within minutes of your subsidiaries month end close.
  • Eliminations – Greentree will manage your intercompany eliminations automatically matching off intercompany transactions at point of consolidation.
  • Centrally managed & collaborative consolidations – the entire consolidations process can be managed from one central location giving both child and parent organisations visibility of the consolidations process bringing the different groups closer together. Subsidiaries can view the progress made by all divisions providing transparency to the group.
  • Multi currency consolidations – translate subsidiaries using the correct currency exchange rates (spot, budget, average, closing, etc.) by account or account grouping before consolidating your figures. Currency conversion errors are eliminated using Greentree’s consolidation and currency translations module.
  • Flexible consolidation framework – report in the way that fits your business requirements while ensuring best international accounting practise. Even if your subsidiaries have dissimilar charts of accounts, period ends and currencies you can deliver consolidated results for the group and satisfy local country reporting requirements.
  • Reduce the need for local accounting expertise – reduce costs by focussing on simple data entry at a local level with Greentree managing the process of intercompany eliminations, allocations, currency translations and minority interest calculations.