Automatically scan, attach, route, approve and store source documentation such as accounts payable invoices, proof of deliveries and customer orders, fully crossed referenced to the relevant record.

Become more efficient by accessing the right information in the right place at the right time. AutoScan delivers vital productivity gains with an automated approach to document archive and distribution including bulk scanning and batching of documentation. Eliminate storage and management costs and ensure vital documentation is stored in a secure environment.

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  • Improve productivity – as transactions are entered Greentree produces unique barcodes that are ‘connected’ to the corresponding paperwork and later scanned in and electronically attached. Users no longer have to manually scan and attach documents for future reference. The Approval & Alerts module automatically routes the transaction for approval once the Autoscan document is attached ensuring approvers have all the information they need. All attachments are available for review with one click.
  • Reduce costs– with all documentation stored electronically there is no need to incur the costs of extra space devoted to store paper based records. Plus the time taken by staff to file and retrieve those paper copies is removed.
  • Improve cashflow – with enhanced document processing, information sharing across your organisations and timely access, you can improve your responses to customer queries, the processing of financial records and documentation to increase critical company cash flow.
  • Electronic approvals – documents are automatically routed to any number of people for approval. An instant view of the source documentation is available to the approver at the click of a button. There is no need for staff to chase documents around your organisation trying to keep track of whose desk the paperwork is on.
  • Improve document security – Greentree’s advanced security features ensure that documents are kept secure. Only approved staff will be able to access specified records ensuring the integrity of your data is maintained at all times. Electronic storage of digital files that are backed-up also ensure that vital company information is not threatened by physical events.
  • Document Register – source documents are registered upon receipt so that they can be managed and tracked from the moment they arrive, right through until final coding, approval and processing. A complete picture.
  • Become an environmentally friendly paperless office – with the major reduction in paper your administration can do it’s share towards saving our environment!