Greentree IQ

Greentree IQ, is advanced interactive business intelligence that allows you to explore your data with complete freedom and puts you in the position to make informed decisions and take care of business.

Greentree IQ Powered by QlikViewPowered by world-leading business intelligence software QlikView, Greentree IQ builds a total view of your company including the ability to compare customer, product line and territory performance, identify trends and build forecasts based on ‘what-if’ scenarios and perform detailed critical analysis of key business indicators.

Greentree IQ reads Greentree data and analyses millions of records so that it doesn’t impact on the operational performance of your Greentree system. Any data that resides inside your Greentree system can be analysed, and advanced users can build their own models on the fly.

In seconds, you can manipulate your data and view it any way you want; charts, tables, graphs – every kind imaginable. Make them 2D or 3D, zoom in, zoom out, and click anywhere for more detail.

Deploy Greentree IQ on your intranet with Greentree IQ Small Business Server so all users can look at the same version live via a web browser, with the option to publish to smartphone mobile users.

Greentree IQ enables you to ask new questions and uncover new associations with amazing speed, resulting in better insights and decision-making.

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  • Fully customisable Dashboard – display metrics important to your business; such as compare year-on-year or month-on-month sales or debtor ageing – and drill-down to transaction level
  • Sales analysis – analyse any imaginable aspect of your sales data with dynamic grouping and clustering to uncover what has happened and where, as well as what hasn’t happened and why?
  • Supply Chain and Purchasing analysis – advanced product query will give you a complete picture of all aspects relating to particular product group; historical sales volumes, pricing information, inventory-on-hand information, cost and outstanding purchase orders
  • Inventory analysis – detailed inventory balance analysis to help you save money by identifying bottlenecks and overstock situations; inventory valuation, weekly cover, compare inventory value against sales and purchases and find dead items that haven’t moved in a long time
  • Job Costing analysis – provides detailed analysis of all aspects of your projects; WIP, job ageing, job profitability and analyse timesheets
  • Budgeting and forecasting – create a budget tree in Greentree and let Greentree IQ help you to follow up Actual vs Budget
  • Alerts – create custom alerts, pop-ups or email, to notify you immediately anything important happens in your business