Employee Development Software

Employee Development automates the management process for staff reviews and maintains essential information on staff training, planning and remuneration to assist you with the development of your people.

Give staff and management confidence in the review process by automatic scheduling of regular reviews. Whether annual or biannual appraisals, staff and management will be well prepared and have access to relevant information such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and previous reviews; for each employee a complete 360 degree view is available, showing not only current reviews in progress but a full history of all completed reviews to improve efficiency.

Employee Development frees up the amount of time HR administration devotes to the employee review process, keeping the focus on employee skills and development to ensure a competitive advantage in the management of your human resources.

Employee Development integrates with all Human Resources and Payroll modules to optimise HR resources and employee data in a live environment.

Do your employees know exactly how they fit into the big picture of your organisation? What are their goals? What are your goals? How can you manage employee development and skill gaps in your business strategically? Ensure individual and company goals are consistent and aligned with Employee Development.

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Review and appraisals processing

Routine schedules can be established for both individual employees and company wide, to ensure that nobody is overlooked during a review cycle. Fully automated employee start-up procedures are included such as induction reviews and probation appraisals. Record the outcomes for each review and set goals and objectives for the ensuing period. The reviews can be scheduled weekly, monthly, annually or on an ad hoc basis as required.

Objectives and KPI’s

Employee Development holds review information such as key performance indicators, goals and competencies for each employee and review session. Track reviews and development history of an employee to keep management informed of employee progress and advancement throughout their time with your organisation. Set goals at each review for the next time frame, or set master goals to be achieved over a longer period and each review session facilitates measuring the goals against actual performance.

Manage skills gaps and employee development

Successful management of employee reviews will alert management to any skills gaps and allow for succession planning and employee development to overcome issues before they become problems that affect your bottom line.

Increase staff satisfaction and improve employee retention

Employee Development can facilitate increased job satisfaction for staff with improved management and development of their full potential. This increased satisfaction can directly enhance employee retention rates and increase your organisation’s collective expertise.

Configurable assessment criteria

Each organisation is different, so you can configure your own assessment criteria which can be applied to each employee, either directly or tied to the position that they hold within your organisation.


As with all Greentree modules, Employee Development permits only assigned users and teams access to specific functions and information, ensuring appropriate security is maintained at all times.