Business Process Management (BPM Software)

Greentree BPM Software takes business process mapping, monitoring and management to a new level previously only seen in tier one applications.

Drive exceptional business performance, increase returns and eliminate business pain with extremely powerful, low-cost, easy to install BPM Software – create automated business processes across your entire organisation.

Automating tasks through Greentree BPM Software ensures that your organisation executes and prioritises work in the most effective way. Resolve problems and deploy changes quickly, so you stay ahead of your competitors yet remain flexible, proactive and deliver best practice.

As Greentree is one totally integrated solution, it understands all the data and business transactions being undertaken and intelligently sees what has or hasn’t been done and what stage processes are at.

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Consistent automated processes

Greentree BPM Software will ensure your users work the way your organisation needs them to. For example on creating a new customer a BPM process can place the customer on credit hold, automate a credit check, wait for a response, upon the response send letters to the customer providing them account and credit limit details whilst automatically releasing them from hold. Alternatively a failed credit check could automate an internal task to be carried out by their account manager. The entire process can be monitored by Greentree ensuring internal SLAs are met or escalated as necessary.

Business processes can be routed based on criteria taking different paths through your organisation as necessary. For example your best customer can be responded in a fast and personalised way, whilst perhaps low margin customers could receive automated information providing great customer service with little human interaction. Greentree BPM Software incorporates templated screens, questions, routing, escalation and external applications.

Greentree Business Process Management
Greentree Business Process Management Flow Designer
  • Total transparency – deliver consistent, controlled results, no matter who is involved in the process, with the easy ability to improve and refine those processes.
  • Maintain best practice – define company processes including people, data, rules and events for a transparent approach to business practice.
  • Complete control – an accurate, big picture view of company processes allows approved personnel to view and validate every part of a task or process in real-time
  • Manage inconsistent and highly targeted variations – not all customers are equal, not every inventory item need follow the same supply processes, BPM will handle all these variations with ease.
  • Flexibility – ensure you’re fast, flexible and quick to adapt to seize new opportunities and meet the challenges of today’s ultra competitive environment
  • Fraud prevention and detection – BPM can address these business risks, monitoring for suspicious activity, with many easy additional controls.
  • Increase productivity – simplify process management, automate decision making and eliminate unnecessary staff involvement.
  • Embedded approvals – any process can contain one or more approval points and the process can be suspended pending approval or can proceed up to a defined checkpoint where approval becomes mandatory.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office – include automatically generated letters using Word or embed spreadsheets. Emails and SMS messages can also be generated as part of a process.