Mobile Warehouse Operations

Even lean organisations can improve process efficiency, reduce costs, increase productivity and revenue with mobile warehouse solutions.

No matter what products you sell, Mobile Warehouse Operations delivers your warehouse and customer service staff with the tools they need to be able to efficiently and accurately fulfill customer orders and sharpen your inventory management processes.

Maximise accurate and on time deliveries whilst maintaining inventory at optimum levels. Ensure inventory outages, picking and dispatch errors are eradicated and in turn, customer complaints, unnecessary sales credits, extra shipping costs or lost sales, all of which cost your business money.

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  • Increase processing volume, improve productivity, data accuracy and reporting
  • Increase revenue generated through streamlined order and picking processing
  • Eradicate high data entry error rates processing paper based warehouse documents
  • Reduce costly customer returns and credit requests
  • Reduce order processing errors or delays
  • Have the right available inventory to fill orders immediately

The Mobile Warehouse Operations suite comprises the following ‘applets’ – Item Counts, Item Enquiry, Sales Order Picking, Transfers and Adjustments.

Each user, or group of users, can see a filtered subset of your data. For example, each device may provide picking information only for warehouse locations of individual relevance. This ensures security as well as optimum efficiency of operation and data traffic resulting in faster time to pick and ship.

All applets share the same easy-to-use look and feel with terminology chosen to be field friendly yet consistent with your Greentree ERP System. Navigation is easy with hyperlinks provided for process related tasks and an intuitive icon based menu across all applets.

Item Counts

Perform full or partial inventory counts and variance management. Avoid the problems of manual counts by automatically selecting the correct item using barcode scanning. If multiple counts are active for different locations, the mobile user can select the appropriate location and count the relevant items. Where items are stored in multiple locations, this is also presented to allow for accurate item counting by bin or location.

Once an item has been selected the count quantity can be keyed or increased once for each barcode scan to avoid the need to manually count. As each item is counted this immediately updates the on hand quantities in Greentree, reducing the delays waiting to receive count sheets and keying in details from hand written paper count sheets.

Item Enquiry

Scan incoming inventory and instantly record variances and damaged goods for quick rectification. Guide warehouse staff with designated put-away locations. Check availability of any item at any location at any time so you make the right decisions quickly. Is there an inventory count in progress? Has the item been superseded? Balance details are provided for all locations and broken down to cover all important availability categories. Hyperlinks on each balance category allow ‘drill-down’ to location specific balances.

Sales Order Picking

Ensure the right item is quickly and efficiently picked and packed every time using integrated barcode scanning. Your warehouse staff will save considerable time through immediate access to picking requirements on their mobile device with automatic update to Greentree. Variations and changes encountered on the floor such as insufficient quantity to fill an order can be captured in real-time and the item immediately transferred from another location or back ordered.

Customer communication can be proactive and timely with an email or SMS notification sent to the customer, as the order is picked, further enhancing the relationship. If an item is not available and your customer will accept an alternative, this can be immediately added to the picking slip while picking and updates the sales order. This saves time and avoids any backorder delay. Print packing slips, capture freight, packaging and consignment information with ease.

Transfers and Adjustments

Transfer items between locations and bins to make inventory adjustments easy.  Every warehouse has the requirement to move items between receiving and stocking locations and adjust inventory quantities due to breakage, loss or error. This applet allow these activities to be done at the pick face, removing time delays and increasing the accuracy of information.

Armed with an efficient and accurate inventory management system, your warehouse staff can make timely decisions on inventory reordering and improve your ability to satisfy customer order requirements quickly while avoiding unnecessary inventory purchases.