eApprovals gives users the information and tools they need to process approvals in real-time from anywhere.

The online version of Greentree Approvals & Alerts, eApprovals allows you to process key business approvals on the go from anywhere, to keep your business moving.

Streamline the management of multiple locations and remote workers in today’s fast-paced world; managers and senior staff have become increasingly mobile yet the need for them to still be hands-on in the business remains the same. Increase workflow efficiency and minimise delays across your business.

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Anytime, anywhere access 24/7 from anywhere in the world

All users need is an internet connection and a web browser. Decisions, delegations, approvals or rejections are instant and real-time, backed up by detailed information that is available at the click of a button cutting delays and maximising productivity.

Make informed decisions faster

Keep moving your business forward, eApprovals delivers access to all the key information management need to make correct decisions and move processes to the next phase.

Full integration

eApprovals is fully integrated with all relevant Greentree modules, keeping your organisation’s business on track – it automatically checks and updates data across all components of the system, making sure crucial data is always accurate and up-to-date.

Tailor approval rules to your needs

There is no limit to the approval rules you can create. The rules work through a decision tree, reevaluating a new rule at various steps in the process. The multi-layered approval approach lets you fast track multiple approvals with notifications popping up on selected user workstations, or in eApprovals, as configured in the approval rules – even when users are out of the office.

Paperless office – secure reality

Boost productivity, save space and slash printing costs – paperless office is also a more secure office. Eliminates the need for physical documents thus minimise the risk of exposing sensitive information to unauthorised personnel. Only authorised staff can view and approve specified records, guaranteeing the security of your business intelligence.

  • Set up is easy – the system to work on your laptop, PDA or desktop and your IT manager or Greentree partner will set up the secure webpage for you
  • Real-time access to approvals – documents waiting for approval sit on the eApprovals browser-based ‘desktop’
  • View approval history – find out the previous steps for a specific approval, who approved and when
  • View document detail – easily available in HTML or PDF format
  • Approve or reject documents – by simply clicking a button
  • Access to tasks and notifications – based on the Business Process Management processes that are assigned to each user. View all relevant notifications and drill-down for more detail
  • Access to reports – view appropriate reports online with eApprovals