Contacts & Relationships Software

Effective management of all interactions, internally and externally, with your customers, suppliers, employees and prospects.

From one screen you can access all critical information on any organisation or contact from previous communication, emails, quotes to financial data. All the usual fields you would expect in a CRM system are available for contacts and you have unlimited user definable fields and groupings. You can store any information you want that is key to your organisation – work the way you want to work and tailor the system to your exact requirements, simply and easily.

Greentree is a real-time, truly integrated system; every data entry is reflected across all modules instantly. So as prospects are turned into customers, a new customer account is created and can be maintained from Accounts Receivable or CRM. CRM also integrates fully with Accounts Payable, Inventory Management, Requisitions, Sales Orders, Job Costing and General Ledger.

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  • Store every relationship contact you have in a single place – customers, suppliers, prospects, suspects, employees can be maintained in logical relationship tree structures. Organisations can have unlimited hierarchical relationships, so you can record details of branches, groups or subsidiaries together. Horizontal relationships can also be defined, such as linking a prospect to their various professional or technical advisors record.
  • Bi-directional integration with Microsoft Outlook – contacts, tasks, appointments and follow-ups can all be published to Microsoft Outlook, providing you and your team with offline access to key information, such as your personal contacts. Emails received from contacts can be filed automatically or manually against the contact or organisation automating the creation of support calls, updating the latest information on a lead or quote or even creating a sales enquiry.
  • Document management – any information can be attached to a record including Word and Excel files, diagrams, scanned images and photographs for instant access or printing. Documents can be catalogued with summary information and stored in a tightly compressed database.
  • Easy data management – import facilities and duplicate record checking makes it simple to upload and maintain records to ensure your mailing lists are always up do date. Records are verified as they are entered ensuring contacts aren’t mistakenly entered twice. As contacts move or organisations merge, data can be reorganised correctly and swiftly.
  • List management – slice and dice contact information to create lists for mailing, email blasts and follow up campaigns. All user definable fields and groupings are immediately available to use as selection criteria.
  • 360° view – data need only be entered once, it is then available throughout Greentree, increasing accuracy, productivity and reducing data replication. All processes are streamlined such as turning a prospect into a customer, a quote into a sales order or job, a support contract renewal into an invoice. Users see a 360° view of the situation from every Greentree module.
  • Email communication can be managed from Microsoft Outlook or Greentree – manage the filing of both received and sent emails from Outlook and store them effortlessly against any record in Greentree. Access emails at any time even if the original has been deleted or the sender/recipient has left the company. Greentree can use Microsoft Outlook for emails or directly communicate with your SMTP mail server, providing seamless email integration to most email platforms.
  • Teams and work groups – sales teams or service groups can be set up and can control who has access, visibility or ability to change data within your company. Users, such as sales or support managers, can belong to more than one group allowing them to manage workloads and monitor staff effectiveness.
  • Data verification – confidently allow users to enter information. Records can be systematically verified by appropriate staff before being committed to the system. Contact and organisation information can be re-verified as necessary with all records being marked with their last verification timestamp and user ID.
  • Powerful data security – data is only available or editable to those users who have rights to do so. Security profiles are quick to set up and can be assigned by work groups and teams, or down to an individual staff member level. Complex data security has been made simple to maintain within Greentree.
  • Reporting – in addition to the numerous standard reports provided, you can build new reports with the built in report writer, or any of your favourite tools such as Microsoft Access® or Crystal®.